John Sketch on God of War 3

ThreeSpeech: "God of War III….just thinking of it makes me wish I had a bucket on stand-by to drool into.

In 2005 Sony Computer Entertainments Santa Monica Studios unleashed a bald, half naked albino-Spartan with a fetish for sticking both blunt and pointy utensils into the various orifices of anyone that stood in his way of sticking a shiny "divine" sword into a guy that stood 200 feet tall and liked to stomp in a war-like manner on the houses of a teeny Greek tourist spot, Athens.

That is the summary of the original God of War…who would've thought it would have been so popular…Oh and did I happen to forget the hot tub mini-games?

Cruelly Santa Monica Studios have not yet completed GoW3, some could say they value a new fangled business practice known as "development time"; I personally would be far more interested in getting my hands on the game in whatever state it lies (take this as a hint Sony – you know where I live)!

From what we have seen however from the game-play trailer released late last year, we have a lot to look forward to in terms of fun baddies to go crunch, splurt, snap, crackle and "pop" against whilst utilising a vast array of new shiny "next-gen" appliances, a definite highlight being a pair of shiny gauntlets that ooze with such a high "bling" factor that it puts even Mr. T to shame – where can I get a pair of cosy gloves like those Santa?"

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MasFlowKiller3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

Even if you hate Sony(majority of the USA gaming media) you have to be interested in this game,

it just does so many thing right, Story, gamplay, bosses everything, even the psp game was the Sh!T.

if their ever was a game for the media to put down their pitchfork for, it would be GOW3,

you hear me Gametrailer, pitchfork down for GOD3 cause its going to be sick

Luzce3607d ago (Edited 3607d ago )

Kratos > Clint Eastwood > Chuck Norris

Leio3607d ago

Hot-tube mini games Duffman- OH YEAH!!!

capital1player3607d ago

what the hell is this guy tlkin about

SickNick853607d ago

8-player online co-op?!?

PotNoodle3606d ago

Yeah, god of war is the best of its genre, everything is perfect in the game.

One of the best game series imo.

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