IBM develop 'most realistic' computerised voice

The voice is made even more convincing because it has been programmed to include verbal tics such as "ums", "ers" and sighs.

Computer experts at IBM have invented the technology to be used on telephone helplines, satellite navigation systems and even on cameras or iPods.

It is so sophisticated that the devices will be able to pause for effect or cough to attract the users' attention, spelling an end to the irritating monotone voices that have become a part of everyday modern life.

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biomajor093542d ago

Sounds cool, but I will believe it when I see it.

Voozi3542d ago

Don't you mean... "hear it" ;)

Zing! lol (sorry couldn't resist)

jack who3542d ago

Sounds cool, but can it make a sandwich?

sit down droid3541d ago

i dont think that is the objective of this. the objective is for it to be put tom toms for example :)

flakko3542d ago

im afraid i can't do that dave...

Reibooi3542d ago

Yeah it sounds pretty cool but I don't really believe it is that good and i won't until I hear it for myself.

Escamotage3542d ago

Great. Now our computers going the way of Idiocracy as well. Will anything we leave behind survive?