Grand Theft Auto to use Star Wars Technology?

Rockstar Games announced today it has chosen one of technologies used in Star Wars Unleashed for "upcoming next-generation titles." The press release below also says that integration of this technology is "well advanced" and today's announcement follows "several months of close collaboration between the two companies."

For us, that means that they have been playing with NaturalMotion's euphoria technology for a while and we know GTA IV is coming this October. Fingers crossed.

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InMyOpinion4256d ago (Edited 4256d ago )

The euphoria demo that was posted a while ago is crazy. I hope that's what they're using for GTA IV. If it's not, then a couple of gangsta ewoks would be nice. Fingers crossed...

Toolman4255d ago

Finally some news about GTA, and its good news. What we have seen so far from Euphoria is mindblowing, truly nextgen stuff. Cant wait to see what Rockstar can pull off with this

Toolman4255d ago

Uhm Maroinz, rockstar announced in a press release that it would use the Euphoria technology . Cant see how it can get any more offical than that

PS360PCROCKS4255d ago

wow awesome...haha this will make GTA awesome, because just like with saints row the people in these games are stupid and jump the wrong way and all that jazz, like into your car. But can you imagine how cool explosions and thinks breaking in this game will look? Can you imagine how awesome people will re-act after getting shot, blown up, run over, etc...the possibilities are endless, this should definetly make this game true next gen

ReconHope4255d ago

one would think that was bad Grand theft auto got played out very fast.(just my opinion)

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