10° Running Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta

The company is dogfooding Windows 7 Server: Microsoft might very well claim that Windows 7 Server Beta is designed to be deployed exclusively for testing and not production environments, but the company has an entirely different set of rules when it comes down to its own infrastructure.

While letting the world test drive Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta, the software giant has already deployed the operating system, along with Internet Information Services 7.5 on the servers running The Redmond giant is referring to the process of adopting its own technology even in pre-release versions as dogfooding.

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The Judderman3603d ago

What no Forza3 or Mass Effect2. I know Forza3 has yet to be announce but we know its coming. Surley these two should be on the list.

NeonSkull3603d ago

I'll stick to ps3 if thats all xbox has to offer this year. Maybe i'll get a 360 next year.