Lunchtime Video - 'Killzone 2' Thoughts, Comparing Similar Campaigns

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"I just "reviewed" the"Killzone 2" campaign in the post below this one. In today's Lunchtime Video I talk about the game and rank its campaign compared to those of recent "Call of Duty," "Resistance" and "Gears of War" games. Watch the video, which I'll bet you starts with an Herbal Essences commercial."

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Timberland2K93574d ago

I will appreciate the Story more than others

Grandreaper99993574d ago

I'm only getting to the end of the commercial then it ends.

SeanScythe3574d ago

This guy should not review games, because according to him we should have stopped playing FPS after Doom. I mean why does he suddenly deside that Killzone 2 is just another rehashed FPS? Why didn't he say the same for Halo1,2,3, COD1,2,3,4,5, Resistance1,2, Gears1,2, and all other FPS. This guy should not review games if he's board with them which is what it sounds like with him. If I've been playing tons of games non-stop and then you give me another then I get board no matter how good it is. He just needs to get out and get laid then come back and play.

M-Easy3574d ago

He definitly comes off pretty dushey (if thats a word).

Blackmoses3574d ago

With a FPS....what else are you gonna do that's not gonna appear to be a played out scenario to this guy? I mean First Person SHOOTER!!!!!!! You shoot Sh#$!!!!! Not that hard to understand, not that hard to figure out, not that many scenarios to choose from! You either shoot at an alien race, members of your own race or members of a completely different faction. You shoot them in the future, in the present, the past and hell even in an alternate past or alternate present. First Person Shooters are in every sense of the word bland as far as atmosphere goes. There is not much you can do with them. So tell me....why in the hell is everyone nitpicking on that? Then it's the whole lack of Co-Op!! COD4 didn't have it! Halo 1, 2 and 3 didn't have it! What did either of these games have that Killzone 2 doesn't do, as good if not 10x better??

....not a darn thing!!!

Why fault a game for what it doesn't have? why not review a game for what it does have. Novell idea!!! Like one dude told me, "it's like faulting Super Mario because it lacked machine guns!"

-Like I said before, at this point in time nothing and no biased ass'd review is gonna prevent me and countless other people from getting this game on the 27th. Play the game Not the reviews......

gameraxis3574d ago

Actually, halo 1 2 and 3 did have co-op, (1&2 online as well) but that's not my point.

First of he said COD WaW is better than say's its not (at the end)

and i absolutely agree with above, this guy should not review games in general, and not because he has a different opinion, but because he doesn't know what to look for...(to him it all blends in the same) but to us.. we can clearly see the difference that it offers.

And i don't think this is even arguable... but COD4,is in NO WAY comparable to Killzone 2's graphics... that's what i mean "blends in to him" if he sees those two as even close, he is sorely mistaken.

as for the same circumstances shooters possess... yea most are either one thing or another, but that's not where u look.. u look in the difference in guns, and their handling, u look at the graphics,u look at the different possibility in tactics, the different features, game modes, u look at the history of the enemy, u look at the principles for which ur fighting, u look at the different take on the enemies, their strategies and state of mind... all these things are what separates shooters... this guy is jaded, go play mirrors edge u douche