MTV: 'Killzone 2' - It May Look Too Good (A Review, Of Sorts) It's dark and mostly gray. And it has a familiar, popular flavor that increased my heart rate for reasons good and bad. This is my kind of, sort of "Killzone 2" campaign review.

Note: Technically we don't review games here at MTV Multiplayer. But we play tons and want you to know what we think of them. Until we come up with a strict formula allow us to dabble. This is our kind of, sort of video game review. Note it's incompleteness. I played the "Killzone 2? campaign through at a default difficulty and have yet to play the game's mulitplayer mode. So I can tell you what I think about this game, but I can't claim to be reviewing the full package.


I can say little more about this PS3 exclusive's relevance to system owners than what I've described above. Lacking co-op, it technically has less content than "Resistance 2," offering a package more of the scale of the modern classic "Call of Duty IV." Its middle will excite; its ending will enrage.

"Killzone 2? is first at nothing but among the best in its stab at many familiar setpieces and technical achievements. Its bridge level is better. Its train level is better. Its graphics are better. Its enemies are better. It's a good game in a crowded genre.

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Rise Of The Bad Guy3604d ago

Wait a goddamn f_cking minute;Weren't you the same people that were all critical of the E3 05 trailer?The same ones that wouldn't give the game a chance unless you could visibly see individual strands of a Helghasts pubic hair?

Now,it looks too good?It LOOKS TOO GOOD?

Stephen Totilo,go choke on a d!ck.

lordgodalming3604d ago (Edited 3604d ago )

Settle down, friend. The title is utter flamebait and the article itself is damage control from MTV's parent company and one of its, er, partners. The guy said it himself--MTV doesn't even do game reviews. This is a special occasion for many reasons I won't name here. If you don't want to see more garbage like this, don't click the link.

M-Easy3604d ago

Don't click on the link and give them the hit.

OGharryjoysticks3604d ago

"MTV's parent company and one of its, er, partners" is none other than you know who.