Some Killzone 2 Tidbits to Tide You Over

Pcworld: I'm finally through Killzone 2's campaign, 14 hard-fought hours, 27 grueling minutes, and 22 stressful seconds after starting. I know the game's been taking some bruising for its single-player brevity, but played at the higher difficulty settings, it gives as good as it gets, and feels about average compared to its peers.

Killzone 2 – a PS3-exclusive shooter and one of Sony's most important titles for 2009 – apportions its campaign into 10 levels subdivided into tactical vignettes. I averaged about an hour per level, the exception being the final, where – and this is either indicative of its difficulty or my own ineptness – I expended nearly five.

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sonarus3606d ago

I've seen in a couple of reviews that KZ2 has short campaign but most reviewers have play time of like 10hrs. Most shooters this yr have play time of under 8hrs so i ams urprised that 10hrs is short

TheHater3606d ago

Call of Duty 4 had a 5 hour single player. I didn't see them complaining about that.

GrieverSoul3606d ago


Yeah! CoD4 campaign was really short but HALO´3 campaign lasted 100 hours! /sarcasm/

They nitpick Killzone 2 since there are no major flaws in the game so they look under the mat to look for dirt!

@article... uhm... are you trying to torture me? Please give me your copy! I wanna play too! XD

CaliGamer3606d ago

These double standards are getting a bit tiresome. Logic dictates that if you have ANY skills at a FPS then you should ramp up the difficulty accordingly. That is like me having taken a calculous class at college going back to 5th grade and complaining that the problems were too easy, it just doesn't add up (Pun intended).

If you look past all the contradictions and nitpicking I think the takeaway message is that KZ2 is something special that can only be found on the PS3, end of story.

Beg For Mercy3606d ago

seems like everybody is getting killzowned

PixlSheX3606d ago

Everybody is getting...

M-Easy3606d ago

Video of the year! Well behind the Hitler one, but bubbles for you sir, bubbles for you.

redsquad3606d ago

Blimey, the bulk of his 336 deaths occured in the last level? The same level took him five hours?
He's either very bad or level 10 is rock... (probably a bit of both)