Sony should build the next Xbox have published a very interesting and possibly controversial editorial that proposes that Sony and Microsoft would have better success if they were to form an alliance. Why this would be a good idea, how it would work and the benefits of such a move are all discussed.

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killzone2flop3606d ago

Someone give me a gun so i could blow my brain out if that ever happens.

Hellsvacancy3606d ago

But please blow your brains out NOW

Aclay3606d ago

"Someone give me a gun so i could blow my brain out if that ever happens. "

LOL, if that ever happens (which it most likely wont and I hope never happens) you should actually be grateful because at least you would get a reliable machine from the start instead of having to worry about Microsoft rushing it out and possibly screwing up the hardware again.

Jerk1203606d ago

We'd get a realiable machine that.. sucks.

No thanks, Sony.

Obama3606d ago

by gun PP means Greenturd's **** so he can get blown in the face.

steck673606d ago

Someone please hurry up and give him the gun.

PR3DAT0R3606d ago

and i will do it for you whether or not it happens

Bathyj3606d ago

I'll chuck in for ammo.

xaviertooth3606d ago

and some of you believe that when PP clicks the trigger, there will be a brain popping up from his head? i guess not!

Bathyj3605d ago

This just in.

PP puts gun in ear and pulls trigger. Bullet exits opposite ear and hits wall.

No one was hurt.

Stubacca3605d ago

No thanks.

Sony, just you stick to making outstanding equipment for us Playstation owners. Don't sully your brand by associating with Microsoft riff-raff to appease the bots.

@killzone2flop -You not dead yet??? How many guns is that?

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JhawkFootball063606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

I think Sony should stick to their franchise and let microsoft stick to theirs.

But if they mean hardware.... Ill let sony build the hardware for the next 360 and lets microsoft do the software. Would really like a taste of the Cell 2.0

3606d ago
kevoncox3606d ago

Nintendo should make the next hardware for both...

PS1 = Bad reliability
Ps3 = Fualty hardware
360 = Faulty hardware...

While my Gameboy is still going strong.
Everyone believes that MS is worst than Sony but 2/3rds of Sonys attempts have been troubled with issues.

MAR-TYR-DOM3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

as much as i would like to hit 'disagree' i cant, cause my ps3 did brick two weeks ago.... :( But i consider myself lucky considering killzone 2 doesn't come out for another 3 weeks. - epic 10/10

iNcRiMiNaTi3606d ago

"They are letting PC gaming die"

i blame pirates and hackers for that one. someone even told me epic wants to go the console only route and stop pc support because of their games being pirated. seriously, this pirating games crap has to stop. especially in this recession, companies need as much money they can get to continue creating games for us to play.

another thing i hate is when good games go unnoticed and alot of bad games get bought because of overhype and get traded in the next day. games like okami, shadow of the colossus, ICO, beyond good & evil get ignored over a hyped up game that falls short. this causes innovative companies to take less risks and end up creating boring games or games that arent as good as when they tried to innovate

Silverman3606d ago

Lada should make the next Mitsubishi EVO
Kodak should make the next Canon
The French should cook German Cuisine

Gambit073606d ago

@kevoncox: the day there is only Nintendo is the day I quit gaming.

majorsuave3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

Best of both worlds on a unique machine... dreamy. PlayXtation it shall be called.

"Compare that release to the one that Sony is currently orchestrating for Killzone 2, the most important PS3 release this year."

KZ2 is a sequel to a game that has been described as "underwhelming and mediocre" by IGN.
This year the PS3 is likely to see Resident evil 5, COD Modern Warfare 2 and Gran Turismo 5, Guitar Hero Metallica and 5, God Of War 3, Assassin's Creed 2, Bioshock 2... Now, tell me which one is the most important again?

gaminoz3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

This was in another article here last month:

It makes financial sense, but doubt it will happen.

Doppy3606d ago

I'm all for it. That way I won't have to buy both of their consoles every gen. I don't see any one console future ever happening, but I could see a 2 console future Playbox 360 and Wii 2 since they have different audiences, whereas the PS3 and 360 have the same audience and the only innovation comes from exclusives, and DLC.

People will argue less innovation, but that's not the case innovation doesn't come from the hardware, it comes from developers trying to one up one another, and if there was a Playbox 360 then developers would all be fighting trying to make a great game from one console rather than making a great game work on three different consoles.

ThanatosDMC3606d ago

They made a console. It's called the PS3.

jadenkorri3606d ago

basically this whole article just said, sony to make hardware, and MS to just make software and advertise the damn thing... This would only be good for us as we would only have to buy 1 or 2 consoles, rather than 3, or 4 depending on the rumors of EA making a console..

@ kevoncox - i certainly hope you meant the ps2 rather than the ps3, ps3 having faulty hardware, with a less than 1% failure rate, what the hell do you consider a quality product...things break no matter what you buy it will break eventually...

AAACE53606d ago

If they are talking about hardware, I say Nintendo should build the next Xbox and PS.

They are the only ones who make truely durable systems. People complained last gen about their Ps2's and Xboxes going out on them. And this gen, MS has the red light epidemic and some are saying the Blu-ray drive in their Ps3's are going out after a year.

Nintendo is the only one of the big 3 who seem to not have these kinds of problems. They have sold nearly 30 million and still no big problems... besides crappy games.

I always thought that there should be only 2 companies competing in this war. And obviously MS really needs help designing reliable hardware. So if MS and Sony team up, or MS and Nintendo... it would help.

I personally hope if something like that were to happen, it would be MS and Nintendo! Nintendo likes to do a couple games for hardcore gamers and make them wait forever. MS games would be there to fill in the gaps, and NIN could also run their DS market the way they want to.

This would also free up some developers to make Ps3 only games so things could be more like they used to be for the Ps2.

Let's just face it, to me it is like the election. Nintendo is like Hillary clinton, Playstation 3 is like John Mc Cain and 360 is like Barack Obama.

Hillary Clinton was there but mostly women were in her corner, and she was mainly just in the way of the real battle. McCain was just looking to repeat what has been going on. Obama experience is questionable but people still want to give him a chance to see what new experiences he can bring to the table.

Obama (MS) knew he would need some power behind him, so he went out and got alot of people (developers) to help solidify his position. Like Clinton (Rare), Biden, etc. (ex-Playstation only developers).

Sorry, I had to throw in one last election reference! I just used the candidates as an example. In no way do I feel that either candidate represents the named companies.

king dong3606d ago

if they didn't have microsoft or it's consoles to hate????

in the interests of web-sites getting hits, and turning loser fanboys into homicidal maniacs(they're gonna end up hating something, and it could be members of the public!) then i think this should be forgotten!

BattleAxe3606d ago

MS is a software company, so I think they should just be a Games Developer/ Publisher and bring games to Nintendo, Sony and the PC.

Raz3605d ago

Does anybody remember how this console war started? Sony WAS building for MS, MS didn't honor their agreement with Sony; Sony got pissed and made their own console in retaliation and vowed to fight MS in the gaming market.

So I don't think it's likely that they'll collaborate AGAIN, after what happened last time.

SevWolf3605d ago

I am sorry to go off topic but @ 1.4, that was an amazing clip I'm going to play the game right now, effing epic.
And about this topic it wouldnt be bad to see an alliance between the two but then sony will be losing there advantage....and no i dont mean on sales but on things like quality, exclusives etc..

AAACE53605d ago

I think you have your facts mixed up!

Sony was making a CD add-on for the Super Nintendo, but Nintendo didn't want to let Sony take the percentage from the collaboration that they wanted. So sony just went ahead and turned it into their own console, which is why the original PS controller looked alot like the SNES controller. Which is also why it was easy for alot of gamers to like the controller.

MS and Sony never really had any resentment for each other, other than the fact that they are competing for marketshare. MS could possibly merge their console efforts with Sony or Nintendo. And with the cost of these consoles draining these companies... it could be right around the corner!

Overall, if Sony and MS made a console they could split the losses and focus more on the games. Most games have gone multiplat, so this would save the developers the trouble of porting games and hopefully stop fanboys from saying a game is gimped because of another console.

Fanboys can hate all they want to... But a move like this would benefit us all!

SiLeNt KNighT3605d ago

I believe you mean Sony and Nintendo. Sony was supposed to make a cd drive for nintendo to compete with sega cd but they couldnt work out an agreement on the software. Sony was like "we already dumped all this money into this gaming cd drive we might as well use it" and made the playstation 1.

on topic though...there will never be a joining of consoles/companies unless one is willing to take the backseat. Does anybody really think any of the big three will want to bow down and listen to their 'Partner'. Each console really is unique. Trying to convince one company about something you want while they already have their minds set on something else is nearly impossible.

EA would be stupid to make a console unless they sell it for $99. It would be like Harry Potter being rated 'R' in the theaters. They would lose a HUGE chunk of multiplatform profit.

Raz3603d ago

@ AAACE5 & Silent Knight

Thanks guys - I'll check my facts more carefully next time. It was a while ago and my memory is fuzzy at best, so I probably should've Googled it before commenting.

Cheers for the corrections! (bubbles 4 u both)

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Stryfeno23606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

OH HELLZ NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!....I do not want a 2 crippled Sony's console next gen.

thebudgetgamer3606d ago

who the hell wants a console that actually works and wont cause small brush fires.


NegativeCreep4273606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

Who the hellz wants a console that you can take absolute confidence in, knowing that it won't crap out on you at the drop of a hat?

Paying a couple hundred dollars for a console that works is for fools!!! I want a console that can magically transform from a 7.7 pound white piece of hardware into a 7.7 pound white paperweight.

That's how we roll in Xbox nation.

Deadman643606d ago

Actually, I'd rather have a white console thats fun as hell to play on and offline and is covered with a warranty that has me worry free.

Oh wait, I have that.

steck673606d ago

Look at the bright side, you wont see the UPS guy more often.

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SlimShady3606d ago

In my years of playing games I've seen and heard a lot of things and this might rank in the top 20 of all time. That alliance as crazy as it seems might just help Sony out of the slumps :lol:

In all seriousness, I know why the site is called "Exiled"Gamers.

"Sony should make the next Microsoft console" lol.. that is seriously funny" lol
"I might as well just say it; Sony make better hardware than Microsoft." lol x 2

Says you3606d ago

Were just thinking of what everyone else was thinking and that was to blow your head clean off you're body with a magnum?.