VGC Impressions: Resident Evil 5

VGC: "This week Capcom threw Xbox 360 owners a treat, a two stage demo of the much anticipated Resident Evil 5. This demo came complete with online and local multiplayer. I had a chance to connect with a friend and play both stages co-operatively. Does Capcom deliver a worthy sequel to last generation's golden child - Resident Evil 4?

When the story mode is started a menu pops up providing a choice between single player and online or local co-op. When choosing online co-op another choice needs to be made; the player can choose between being randomly assigned a partner, or they can choose to play with a friend. If choosing to play with a friend it becomes necessary to host the game and invite the friend using the friend list or choose join a game and wait to be invited. This all works well, which is refreshing considering that last year's biggest Xbox 360 title continues to have matchmaking and online multiplayer issues to this day (I'm talking about you, Gears of War 2). Once inside the game there is no noticeable lag."

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