Pocket Gamer: Platinum Solitaire 2 Review

Pocket Gamer writes:

"How can you possibly reinvent solitaire? Developers generally aim to make it worth your while when striking out with games we've been playing, quite happily, for centuries. Simply serving up straight solitaire, with no added extra knobs and bobs wouldn't exactly do when it's possible to buy a pack of cards for a pound and still have plenty of change. Three years ago, Gameloft sidestepped this minefield by packing in four versions of solitaire in one game to give it that extra spark.

A few years on, the studio has tied in another eight to the package, bringing the total to an attention grabbing 12 – 12 unique takes on one game. Yes, Platinum Solitaire 2's solitaire is far from solitary, and the end result is a package that serves as an excellent card fix for those who like to go solo."

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