WoW Player Gets Creative

World of Warcraft player Jason Babler has put his creative skills to use and sculpted an incredibly detailed model of the banished big time bad guy, Illidan Stormrage.

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kalos3424d ago

Clearly more than just a simple weekend hobby :D

Leord3424d ago

It looks just as good as those statues you can buy for lots of lots of money!

Leord3424d ago

Man, I wish I could sculpt! =(

Dorjan3424d ago

Glad to see that not all MMOGamers are the ones that are no talent hacks!!

Good job!

thetamer3424d ago

He sucks. I made a better model than that with some butter.

Drano3424d ago

And you woke up covered in semen.

Jump Beyond.

Maticus3424d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product