Eurogamer: RACE Pro Review

Such unpolished aspects won't do the game any favours when it's competing against the likes of GRID and PGR4, but shrewd racing fans should be able to look past the exterior and appreciate the finely tuned engine beneath. Race Pro is a great driving experience, striking a rare balance between the immediate enjoyment of an arcade racer and the deeper, more nuanced long-term satisfaction of a hardcore sim.

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InMyOpinion3601d ago

Higher score than I had expected. Sounds like for what it's lacking in the visual department it makes up for with gameplay.

creeping judas3601d ago

Yeah Simbin/Atari did state that they werent in it to create a graphical masterpiece, they wanted to concentrate on the physics engine 1st time around. So if it takes off, the next version should be better graphically also.