OXM UK: Wheelman Preview

OXM UK writes:

"You have to hand it to Vin. Most Hollywood stars have probably never heard of these new-fangled videogame doo-hickeys, but Mr Diesel is appearing in two Xbox 360 titles arriving in the coming months. We've already checked on Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Athena from Atari, so it's only fair we take a look at Midway's vehicle (geddit?) for the muscular slaphead.

We had a chance to tool around in a version of Wheelman that's very close to completion, taking in both driving and on-foot missions. While in the past we've guffawed at the physics-defying 'vehicular melee' sideswipe moves that the vehicles are capable of in Wheelman, it's actually darkly satisfying to send enemy vehicles pinballing into the street furniture."

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