The Fall of AOC (Age of Conan)

Vigster writes: Age of Conan (AoC) was 2008's most hyped up MMORPG and when it was finally released gamers got a taste of Robert E. Howard's fantasy world. The game's system requirements were demanding and stopped many people from playing the game, including me. Even with my uber video card, I was left watching my toon freeze during combat.

With all AoC had to offer somewhere down the road, people stopped playing and the game began to tank. In order to find out what went wrong and why, I asked two gamers about their experience.

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Avery3601d ago

Looks like one of the players only played a short time based on a timeline of over 6 months ago.

The other guy is right in saying content is a little thin at endgame however, there is no mention of the 2 high level content introductions coming in a few weeks or the high end new playfield thereafter.

They also did say how the game was right now, increasing population, server merges happened and the servers seem real busy.