WorthPlaying Review: Bigfoot: Collision Course

WP writes: "There is a certain aspect about monster trucks that make it appealing to some people, whether it's the massive size of the vehicles or the fact that it can crush just about anything in its path. Of all of the monster trucks out there, one of the most famous is Bigfoot. At the height of the car's popularity, there was a cartoon series and an NES game by Acclaim, neither of which was very good. Over 20 years later, Bigfoot makes a return to gaming with Bigfoot: Collision Course. This time around, the game is much worse than the predecessor.

The premise of Collision Course game is rather simple. The player goes through various races and gains points in the given circuit in order to advance to the next circuit. Win enough races, and you unlock different trucks and 16 different tracks, and you eventually get the chance to race against Bigfoot. If you win, you get to join the Bigfoot racing team."

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