Flower Priced for Europe

Quote from site:

"Sony have revealed that PSN game Flower will cost just £6.29 when released next Thursday 12th February.

In the US, the game will actually hit the store for $9.99, so it seems that we are actually getting a bit of a bargain.

Flower, which is developed by makers of Flow, thatgamecompany has players restore vibrant colours to the dreary dream-worlds of city flowers. To do this, petals must be steered around on the wind and clattered into other flowers, sending up more petals to join the cause."

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Yi-Long3603d ago

The pound is almost equal to the euro right now, but I wouldnt be surprised if they'd let us pay 10 euro or something for this.

7-8 euro would seem about right though.

Cwalat3603d ago

I'm buying it, just for the sake of supporting the team.
I love that they are trying to create something different than all other studios.

Kudos !

himdeel3603d ago

...a good contrast to all the amazing violent super fun bloody spit filled killing games I'll be playing hard core over the next few weeks.

vicheous3603d ago

I'm buying to! Just because i buy everything on PSN!
I wonder how it plays! Hopefully something like Flow!

3603d ago
Vitalogy3603d ago

when they say "for Europe" they should be talking in EUROS not pounds.

EUROPE is not UK but a lot more countries. People should learn more geography and learn that uk is part of EUROPE, not EUROPE as once and it was their call to keep the pounds. So, when you say "price for Europe" you should be saying the price in Euros not pounds.

Anyway, this is a game to be priced €4.99 or €5.99 at the most. I'm not gonna pay more than that for this.

Yea i know it looks pretty cool and relaxing but, are you gonna spend much hours or days playing it? I'm guessing not, 'cause it will be boring quickly.

GrieverSoul3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

I totally agree with the Europe / UK geography thing u said!
Its actually annoying to see these kinds of headline only to read stuff about the UK.

I dunno know why got disagrees! How can someone disabree on that?!
Well, about the price, Im sure it will be 7.99€ or 5.99€ like previous PSN games.

EDIT: The person who disagree is man or woman enough to stand out here and explain why the disagree? The main article doesnt even mention Europe for that matter. The person who created the post did it!

Clap Your Hands3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )


What makes you think it will get boring quickly?

From what i have seen, Flower looks like a beautiful and unique experience that invokes emotions (other than the typical "kill kill kill!" emotion) and focus on the details just like Ico or Shadow of the Colossus did it.

This game caters in my opinion much to the same crowd that played and loved Ico and SotC, and those games defiantly didn't become boring quickly.

ezekielzero3603d ago

Well my week is set killzone 2 demo this thursday till next thursday then flower

Clap Your Hands3603d ago

It looks so unique and promising. Like nothing else on the market.
More games like this and games as a medium might finally be taken seriously.

The old 1UP crew loving the game:

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