Eurogamer Germany Review Killzone 2 "Killzone 2 is not the variety the game, from simply can never get enough. Quite the contrary: It is in the course of almost ten campaign by some situations that require an all, a true leaching and wear until you need a break. Only when the pad then for a few minutes in the corner is, you realize how tense you before you play around each corner lugte how schwitzig fingers really are and how deep it was just there, in this virtual science fiction war.

That this is so, is anything but random: Guerrilla has contaminated scrap metal from the square of Helghan very deliberately ruthless together and straight-shooter, which is technically and artistically over any competitors.The tactical component, the middle of intense feeling and the great online mode should not only hardcore gamers very well, but also underline that the team from the mistakes of the first part has learned - even if the physical as accurate crumbling facades Helghans with increasing playing some annoying quirks bare.

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MegaMohsi3306d ago

Still a good score, If KZ2 scores less than an 8, the reviewers better have a damn good reason. 8-10 is a fair score for the game.

Trollimite3306d ago

now kotaku can drop their score by a whole point, 7.5

Maddens Raiders3306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

they are griping because of the difficult aiming during fierce firefights, difficult a.i. and boss battles? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

" A never-ending assault course culminates in an extensive unfair boss encounter, and took on the normal difficulty level as much as 57 of my attempts to complete."

57 times!!!!??? because you suck...

I can't wait to play this game.

HighDefinition3306d ago

Gaming Journalism is in a sad sad place. I won`t be surprised to see some 7/10s soon. It`s sad cause alot of the just do it to be cool/different and other do it for hits. Obviously some won`t enjoy it, but the kinda of things your seeing points deducted for is hilarious.....No Co-op, being to normal, Only being a 10hr SP campaign,difficulty, etc.

sonarus3306d ago

@Trollmite i find your comment hilarious because kotaku doesn't do scores lol

To be quite honest i thought this game would get butchered. So far its holding up pretty well. All these random 8/10 scores don't even show up on metacritic at the end of the day. Still has 95 on metacritic which would put it above MGS4 which is BS imo lol:o

HighDefinition3306d ago

Kotaku does N/As

N/A for PS3 from Kotaku secretly equals a 5 though. shhhhhhhh

StephanieBBB3306d ago

Yeah down scoring a game because it doesn't make you feel like a god squishing puny enemies as you plow thru the game is kinda stupid.

What ever happend to skill and tactics?

Marceles3306d ago

I wonder if they've played COD5...

Sitdown3306d ago

A whole point from 8 would be a 7.....or did I miss something?

tordavis3306d ago

Even if the game gets a 6, it should not change your decision to purchase this game. Most reviews are done by one person. So it's one persons opinion.

GrieverSoul3306d ago


I bet he never got a platinum trophy for CoD.WaW!
This guy is lowreing a score because he doesnt have enough skill to beat it in normal? Talk about a wrong person in a good job!

get2sammyb3306d ago

8/10 is still an excellent score considering the amount of scepticism that surrounded this game.

BattleAxe3306d ago

All of these scores are really good and impressive considering that it doesn't seem that Sony paid for high scores like MS and HALO.

andron6663306d ago

It's Eurogamer after all.

But what's up with his aiming challenged ways? Why don't they get a seasoned FPS player to review a FPS game?

SiLeNt KNighT3306d ago

You can tell people aren't very smart when they use the built in thesaurus for every other word. This review is BS. An 8/10 is a pretty good score, thats not my complaint. The vocabulary and poor usage of it is evident the person is trying to sound smarter than they really are.

The Real Review that matters to me on Killzone 2 = MyDamnSelf!

likedamaster3306d ago

8 seems around what the game deserves.

I kid.

LoVeRSaMa3306d ago

Noone cares what Germany Thinks.

(From UK ;P)

Danja3306d ago

the Cons what the reviewer pointed actually what makes the game

ne ways...already got this game pre-ordered....

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chidori6663306d ago

danmit this score is in metacritics.

Kushan3306d ago


Who cares if it's overall score gets taken down a little bit, is that in any way going to affect your enjoyment of the game?
Are you going to be playing it and thinking "Damn, this was fun, but if only metacritic rated it a bit higher, maybe it'd be more fun"?

It's still a good score, 8/10 is extremely respectable, the problem is that diehard fanboys are so incredibly elitist, they turn their nose up at anything below a 9, when in reality on a 1-10 score, a 6 should be above average.

Stryfeno23306d ago

Great score...Nice review too.

andron6663306d ago (Edited 3306d ago )

Eurogamer hat sauerkraut in seinem lederhosen...

Are they related to the Eurogamer in Portugal?