GON: Dawn of War II - Multiplayer Beta Impressions

GamesOnNet writes: "While the term "beta" may deter some people from any game, when it means you get a chance to have an early look at something like Dawn of War II, it is a tantalising word. While there is the odd crash, and a few (very minor) balance issues, Dawn of War II has all the hallmarks of an excellent and highly entertaining strategy game.

Departing from the generic RTS formula, Dawn of War II does away with base building, instead granting each player a central headquarters which is heavily fortified against enemy attack. From there, the player calls in units which are then dispatched onto the map, where a skirmish for requisition and power unfolds. The importance of map requisition, power and map control is critical to success in Dawn of War II, as each and every resource point is needed in order to call in an army."

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