Gamebosh Review: Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

GameBosh writes: "Apollo has something of a knack for spotting nervousness in witnesses. This is something that should come in handy for spotting when they might not be quite telling the truth. Of course, you will sometimes have to be prepared to sit and stare for long periods of time, going over and over the same pieces of text, as well as the evidence, desperately trying to find the slightest hint of a breakthrough. If you're impatient, then you may find yourself losing interest very quickly.

This would be a shame, as it is ultimately a rather interesting and at times very funny game, albeit occasionally near the knuckle with some of its subject matter. If you're prepared to deal with a whole lot of reading and tapping, and a fair amount of trial and error (if you'll pardon the pun), then there is a rather entertaining piece of software to work your way through here. Of course, if you loved the previous titles, you can have little to complain about here, other than perhaps a few missing mainstay characters."

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