Global Top Software Sellers of 2008: Nintendo Wins

Gamezine: "Combined global video game software sales see 11% growth in 2008: here's the top five sellers.

According to findings by the NPD Group, Gfk Chart Track and Enterbrain, combined software sales for the U.S., UK and Japan (so the numbers aren't really global) the games market experienced 11 % growth in 2008, with 409.9 million units sold, compared to 2007's 367.7 million.

So what where the top sellers in the US, UK and Japan combined?"

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techie3605d ago

friggin Nintendo. At least GTA4 and COD5 are up there for the 360 and PS3.

Voiceofreason3605d ago

Yeah be mad at Nintendo but its because of them that COD5 made the list at all. Only one of those games wasnt on Wii.

techie3605d ago to see the COD breakdown by platform.

jtucker783605d ago (Edited 3605d ago )

360 - 4,690,000

PS3 - 2,770,000

Wii - 655,000

It's all thanks to the Wii.

techie3605d ago

I don't really understand the significance of those numbers...

Voiceofreason3605d ago

Doesnt matter what the break down was. Had it not been for the units sold on Wii another game would have taken its place. Jtucker, what I said was pretty simple. I dont see how you could be so confused by it. Oh but thats right you're a die hard Nintendo fan with that Mario avatar right? Yeah thats why you trash everything about Nintendo.. There is a word for people like you.

IN your chance to hate something else Nintendo did you not notice that only one of those games wasnt on Wii? Had it been on Wii its sales would have been higher.
Oh and where are you getting the COD5 numbers? VgChartz? They've been wrong on a lot of Wii game sales. Undertracked Shaun White, [email protected], De BLob and a few others this holiday. They've tracked so many Wii games wrong its not worth going there until we get some official numbers from developers and VGchartz makes their numbers accurate.

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Gr813605d ago

Thing about this list is Wii exclusive single platform titles outsell hyped multiplatform titles. That is insane.

Voiceofreason3605d ago

Notice how people are already trying to spin it...

Gr813605d ago

Some folks can try to go the merry-go-round route if they want, but sales are sales. You can't argue with numbers. And the numbers favor the Wii.