Wii storage solution coming in March?

Back in October, Nintendo announced that a long-awaited storage solution was in the works for Wii. The company also promised that the fix would arrive in Spring. According to IGN, a more specific date has been determined.

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ChickeyCantor3579d ago

"solution" my @ss.
You still need to swap files >_>.

PS360WII3578d ago

Yeah wasn't the storage solution "Just delete it" ;)

TheColbertinator3578d ago

Good thing I got rid of my Wii which couldn't even go online because of some Wi-Fi malfunction.I'll have to get another one and hope that Nintendo fixes the whole storage solution.Games like The Conduit make me wonder that if DLC arrives,will Nintendo have a storage solution under control

dragunrising3578d ago

Anyone know what the limit is on SD card size? I assume the Wii doesn't support SDHC cards, maybe it will after the update.

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The story is too old to be commented.