Starcraft Comic Book Closer To Prints had an exclusive interview with Shawn Moll, Wildstorm artist, who provided a concept art of the Blizzcon exclusive Starcraft comic book sampler. According to the artist, most of the creative team has been changed by now in advance to the official announcement. The artist hinted he has already seen some colored covers and pinups.

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Medievaldragon3602d ago

Can't wait to get issue # 1 on my hands. I have wanted a Starcraft comic book title for ages. Specially if it's gonna expand upon the Starcraft II storyline, and reveal more about the Xel'Naga and the hybrids.

Leord3602d ago

Well, I'm interested to know more about "Mutates"

Dorjan3602d ago

Nice! Something like this is a really cool thing to happen!

Leord3602d ago

I really like that they don't just let the Manga franchises take over, but make "proper" westernised comics as well... I mean I like Manga, but SC suits better in regular comics.

Terrice3602d ago

I think this is shaping up nicely, and it'd be great to see some of the cut art that Shawn Moll had done.

AndyA3602d ago

I'm always a little wary when there's a lot of personnel changes in a project.

Terrice3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

It's interesting how they decided to "opt for another direction", whatever that means. :)

Maticus3602d ago

Indeed, let's hope the changes are for the better though...

Leord3602d ago

In this case I think it's just that it was "too much like Serenity", kinda =)

Medievaldragon3602d ago

Well, opting for another direction is not much of a surprise considering that Blizzard Entertainment is very cautious about their art direction. If it doesn't have the Blizzard feeling, it will get changed dozens of times if needed.

Starcraft: Ghost is a good example. It was built from scratch after Nihilistic departed development. Swingin' Ape Studios took over the project. Then a few months later, Blizzard purchased Swingin' Ape Studios --- and not long after, Blizzard decided to postpone production of Starcraft: Ghost once Microsoft XNA was announced.

To this date, Starcraft: Ghost is postponed, and will continue development at some point in the future. Some of the rumors are that the new Next-Gen MMO is Starcraft: Ghost revamped.

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Leord3602d ago

Oh, I wish they could release more related pinups =D

Like this one from Hellagte. A Similar one for SC would be ace..


Oh, actually, there is an official naked Kerrigan:

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