Sony fleshes out details and pricing for Internet Video Link

Sony announced last month that they would be releasing products including their new Internet Video Link capabilities, which will allow users to stream free standard and high-definition content through their broadband connections directly to the television, bypassing any set-top boxes or computers.

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grifter0244305d ago

Ya that is true... But where are they going to get the high def content???? plus you gotta pay 300$ as well have a SONY Bravia tv... as well as subscription to this service.. I dont know seem's like their forcing you to have a Bravia if they reall wanted to capitalize they would have made it possible for a lot of other tv's as well.It sounds good but having to buy an extra thing at 300 and probably getting a new tv for this doesnt really seem that worth it.

shikwan4305d ago

Just what Sony needs to do to itself! Now it seems less likely Sony will 'enable' PS3 to stream media content from the PS Network to the PS3.