PS4 to focus on 3D?

PS4talk writes:

We have mentioned 3D recently a couple of times. The first time was speculating on the PS4 having 3D capabilities built in, and then shortly after news was announced that the PS3 should receive a firmware update to allow 3D to be used. With an update possibly arriving for the PS3 it is pretty certain that the PS4 will follow this same route right out of the gate. This speculation is also held up by the way the movie and TV industry is going with 3D.

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TrevorPhillips3602d ago

Hopefully they do it will make next gen worth the while

Montrealien3601d ago

3D being Next Gen is so 1994, tekken, Warhawk, Ridge Racer, Battle Arena toshiden, Ace Combat all made the Playstion the best 3D gaming console of it`s time...uh wait...really? this article means like glass wearing 3D? lol....oh, like this?


I think all consoles next gen will be 3D with 4D graphics :)

GVON3601d ago

Psp 2 will have 3D pressure sensitive touch screen. You knows it makes sense

Stryfeno23601d ago

Next gen for Sony will come sooner then anyone thinks.

Bigrhyno3601d ago

Fine, as long as I have an option to turn it off. There are definitely games that I wouldn't want to play in 3D.

Bladestar3601d ago

so..... the PS4 will be a downgrade from the PS3? Isn't the PS3 as sony promised designed and capable of running 4D games? That and 1080P @120FPS?

Panthers3601d ago

nooo unless it is like that dude showed on youtube. dont have the patience to look for it now if anyone wants to plz post it thnx

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The story is too old to be commented.