Pristontale 2 goes into open beta

Early access for the Pristontale open beta starts at 8pm GMT today (Mon 2nd Feb) and is available to all those whom participated in the closed beta. The new client is available for download now from

"Key To Play would also like to reward all of you who contributed during the last week of the Closed Beta. If this is your case then you also are eligible for the early access to the Open Beta! For those who are not eligible for the early access, do not despair! Key To Play is giving you another chance to be part of the adventure. All our partners in several countries will start contests where you can get your hands on an early access key. Stay tuned to the PristonTale 2 forums, because we will announce these contests very soon."

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randy-mmo3197d ago

Priston Tale is a good free to play MMO game. I actually did a review for it here