Wired Review: Killzone 2 a Thoughtful, Atmospheric Shooter

Wired: "Killzone 2 does perform a lot of the same old tricks as other console shooters. But it does them right, and it does them with noticeable style. The well-paced tactical combat and strong narrative make for an enthralling single-player campaign, while the varied multiplayer modes provide depth that will entertain PlayStation 3 fans for quite some time."

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Timberland2K93574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Im done with defending this game it speaks for its self ]

BTW if they end up with a 97 or 92 idk its still an epic game end of story no more fanboyness be a gamer Im going to bed enough defending and Living off numbers lol I want your review still lol

thereapersson3574d ago

The game currently sits at 95 on Metacritic, which is rather good :)

jammy_703574d ago

where all the 10's though? lol

great score non the less though :)

GrieverSoul3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Didnt you know?

They wasted all the 10s on last year games and thought:

´´Man! We might of screwed up giving many high scores this year to games that didnt deserve them. Well, we´ll make emmends next year!``

Now, they nitpick a visually flawless games with little bits of ´´...poor texture here, a pop it there...`` and ´´... a weak story, a mild conjecture of events...``. I mean, I´m not saying the reviews are bad but since talking about other console game would fuel a flame war I rather compare these arguments with another Sony exclusive like Resistance 2. Right now, R2 sits undefeated in my PS3 bluray drive for hardcore-long-time-online-pawn age but the fact that Killzone is getting more or less the same review score like Resistance is troublesome for me. Im not saying R2 is a bad game! On the contrary, its an amazing game but Killzone seems to go further in terms of graphics and more realistic gameplay. If I were to compare to the X360 games i´d say R2 for the Halo3 since they are both old school kinda of cartoony looking game, and a more CoD4 to Killzone 2 due to more realistic settings.

My rant!

Sitdown3574d ago

not just about graphics and gameplay.....some reviewers take into account the overall feel they get from the game. Its a matter of, is the whole greater than the sum of its parts.

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Return Of The Bad Gu3574d ago

Wired are one of the few publications that had the nuts to give Gears 2 < 9,just a fact for anyone that's going to question their honesty.

AAA,another one,Killzone 2,best console shooter,you've heard it all before.Now go pre-order it to support the developers.

Hallucinate3574d ago

gamespots reported 1million preorder copies..and thats just gamestop

PotNoodle3574d ago

^^ that is impressive.

I'm going to be careful and say 1.5m first week sales.

Sitdown3574d ago

what percentage of Gamestop pre-orders you should take serious...I pre-ordered for the demo, and guess what...last week I order on yeah, that Gamestop one will be canceled.

Return Of The Bad Gu3574d ago

When can we expect your 6/10s?Timberland needs his rest

caladbolg7773574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Websites like Kotaku, 1up, Gamespot, and Gamedaily are waiting for the other websites to release their scores. That way, they can calculate how low they need to rate KZ2 in order to reduce its metascore to below that of Halo 3 and Gears 2.

Edit: Well, and it takes time making up nitpicky excuses to justify low scores.

MegaMohsi3574d ago

Edge Magazine! Since it's a 95 on meta, 4/10 confirmed!

BMS843574d ago

I think even people who are not really fan of FPS's will buy this game, just for the graphics and to show their friends:)