Gizmag: Killzone 2 Review (PlayStation 3)

Gizmag writes: "It's no secret that the PS3 needs a Halo/Gears of War to call it's own. Haze and Resistance 1/2 have tried to take the crown, but ultimately failed. Sony and Guerilla Games certainly have a lot to live up to with Killzone 2, having turned the hype up to 11 way back in 2005 with their now-infamous pre-rendered trailer at E3. So is this the system-selling franchise Sony need? Read on for our full review."

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Timberland2K93575d ago

I wish would post there review so i can sleep for the first time in 28 hours

fishd3575d ago

This review is kinda 'special'
It's been approved by mart!

mart you should be proud that your fellow countrymen at GG made a great game;)

Bigbangbing3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Why ?

it will be 8.5 ..

"No Co-op , its feels like ... Too Gamey , You Know .."

thereapersson3575d ago

Well, Eurogamer did knock points off of Killzone 2 because it didn't have Co-Op, but that didn't stop it from earning a 9/10. Considering Eurogamer can be just as bad (if not worse) than Gamespot when it comes to PS3 coverage, I'd say we don't have a whole lot to worry about.

Panthers3575d ago

Gamespot has gotten better lately. I hope they dont mess up this review.

gaffyh3575d ago

Gamespot's will be probably 8.5, it almost always is. Reason will be graphics are too good.

I'm still waiting for the fanboy review, the one that will do 2/10 just for hits lol.

Fozzy253575d ago

The wait is killing everyone to see the gamespot and gametrailers reviews. Who knows what will happen?

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PixlSheX3575d ago

No, sony don't need a system-selling franchise.
Anyway, great review, great score. Killzowned!

badz1493575d ago

American media always been touting the PS3 as "having no game" when it certainly has them - A LOT OF THEM! PS3 didn't just being launched like yesterday and it has loads and loads of games for everybody! I personally own 20 games and only some of them are multiplats!

PixlSheX3575d ago

I have the same amount of games. 6 of them are multiplats.

killzone2flop3575d ago

When you look back its a shame Killzone 2 didn't take of as everyone was expecting the game to have had and after all that hype for nothing. Well i hope the droids have learnt their lesson to never hype a game unless their positive the game will actually sell.

Helghast Slayer3575d ago

Why are you so worried? Oh i see, the lack of any worthy 360 news for the last couple of weeks must be hurting real bad huh? Stop trolling and visit the Wii section since you love sales so much. You never know it probably has much more worthy news than the 3.. section lol.

thereapersson3575d ago


How can it sell when it's not even out on the market yet?!

NegativeCreep4273575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Pre-order numbers are huge and are just getting bigger.

Are pre-order numbers not an indication of potential sales in your delusionally F*cked up Troll world???

LOL!!! Of course they aren't. Whatever helps your stupid little bastard self sleep better at night.

heyheyhey3575d ago

leave him... he's just sad he has to lie to downplay Killzone 2 and it's awesomeness

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Helghast Slayer3575d ago

Nice. Killzone2 is kicking a$$ and taking names by the masses.

Return Of The Bad Gu3575d ago

Brah,I'd just go to sleep if I were you.

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