Square Enix to Publish 007 in Japan

Square Enix has made another giant leap in its internationally minded publishing efforts. The company announced today that it will serve as Japanese publisher for Quantum of Solace. This latest James Bond game conversion was published overseas last year by Activision.

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Return Of The Bad Gu3241d ago

Ah,what would Square be without Sony

TheColbertinator3241d ago

Thanks.Just my props to Valkyria Chronicles

3sq3241d ago

This is bad for SE themselves. If the games which SE published are bad, it'll definitely affect the SE brand.

CBaoth3241d ago (Edited 3241d ago )

QoS might actually be a better game than the garbage they've released this gen (might as well include the last 2 years on the Ps2 too). And anyone who played the Bond game knows how ironic/sad that statement is.

killedinaction93241d ago

I still can't believe how bad the movie was :(

there i was thinking that Casino Royale was onto something just like the batman series and then they release this giant turd.

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