Netflix High Definition Streaming Potentially Coming to Xbox 360

Netflix subcribers recently received a survey to gauge interrest in a Netflix High Definition streaming for cable channels such as HBO.

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INehalemEXI3578d ago

Im not sure if I like this paying extra idea, since we already get "premium" Content like Starz, Showtime etc.

Why dis3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

Yeah most people wouldn't pay twice for the same content or better ;)

Does anybody know if HBO has real HD content? My HBO HD channel looks good *most of the time* but doesn't have the HD on the menu guide next to the title name etc(I use comcast cable)

The info guide with show/program/movie descriptions never show *HD* next to the content on HBO HD like on all the other *filmed* in HD content on all the other HD channels.

Kleptic3578d ago

i know nothing about this service...but you can't stream HD content yet through Netflix?...I thought I read how BD will be killed because of netflix HD stuff...or am I just reading this wrong...

divideby03578d ago

I cancelled my NetFlix trial sub.
They were nice and extended it for another 2 weeks.
The content for instant viewing blows...old and crusty stuff.
Most movies are B rate if they are within a year of release and already on DVD.
The premium channels series stuff, is a frigging joke..its 2 seasons behind...
They were nice, but a waste of money for instant viewing and if they hike the price...forget it

divideby03578d ago

everthing I wrote was the truth...just post up what you have watched lately on Netflix....mostly early 2008 stuff.
I think Vantage Poiint was the newest movie

LorD3578d ago

On Demand Netflix is awesome. They may not have the latest stuff, but they have plenty of great TV shows, entire seasons.

We just watched The Office, and the quality on most episodes was at least 720p or higher.

Looks fantastic on my 46'' lcd.

Netflix, plus HULU, plus over-the-air antenna, and there is no need to play an exorbitant monthly cable bill.

Ashby_JC3578d ago

I already have if they added it to Netflix and i didnt have to pay extra and be able to view from my 360 would be cool.

I myself already had Netflix and knew about the instant watch but wasnt interested in looking at it on my laptop. So when the 360 added the netflix feature I was PUMPED!!

For me I like alot of the older movies and B movies. There are alot of movies that I was interested in that I wouldnt have bothered to get sent to me in the mail.

But now I can take a peek...if it sucks turn it off and dont feel like I wasted time having it mailed to me only to send it right back.

Example was this old motorcycle movie called "Any given Sunday" I watched like 20 mins and erased it off my harm no wasted time having it sent too me in the mail :)

Kurylo3d3578d ago (Edited 3578d ago )

BOXING after DARK baby! oh and wasnt any givin sunday a football movie with al pacino and jamie foxx