Madden Super Bowl Simulation Gets It Right

Last week, EA simulated the Super Bowl XLIII match-up between the Steelers and Cardinals with Madden NFL 09. The Super Bowl is now over and not only did the simulation predict the winner, but it also got the margin of victory right and even came close to the real game's final score.

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edwineverready3575d ago

Guess not. that's a damn shame.

Maddens Raiders3575d ago

he's been getting it right for over 40 years.

Blaze9293575d ago

Some powerful magic going on at EA.

And who the hell is talking about Killzone 2 here? That is almost completely irrelevant like seriously, wtf.

panasonic233575d ago

so i guess that ad on the net was fake.

Carbide73575d ago

I have to say, that's *very* impressive!

And I was disappointed to not see a Killzone 2 ad, even though I wasn't expecting one.

Ichiryoka3575d ago

All I know is that I almost fell out of my seat because of that transformers 2 trailer. I cant wait... I AM MEGATRON!!!

TheHater3575d ago

Same here. I can't wait for that movie.

lord_of_balrogs3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

That was the 30 second teaser right? Or is there another one?

resistance1003575d ago

Being honest it was quite nice this year watching the Superbowl with no ad's whats so ever. Still i will have to check out that Transformers trailer soon

mrdxpr23575d ago

i think that was a teaser i heard the real trailer will be revealed in the star trek movie

YonasJonas3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

I was way more impressed with the GI Joe trailer, which I wasn't expecting. I have a bad feeling the movie will turn out to be just like Michael Bay's Transformers though. A weak sauce storyline thats just there to pass time between the action scenes, which were a bunch of shaky cam fast cuts that equal out to a bunch of jumbled images. Transformers 2 will be just more of the same no doubt. Hollywood trickery to the max.

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NovusTerminus3575d ago

I saw the Transformer's ad. I'll watch it... But I think G.I Joe will be better...

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The story is too old to be commented.