Gamer Limit: Valkyria Chronicles Review

Gamer Limit writes "Something the PlayStation consoles are known for is the amazing selection of RPGs, but sadly, Sony's latest console, the PlayStation 3, has been lacking in the RPG department. Many PS3 owners are dying for some RPG action, but luckily Sega WOW, makers of such great RPGs such as Skies of Arcadia and Phantasy Star, brings their latest work to the PlayStation 3. When Valkyria Chronicles was first shown, it looked impressive with its breath-taking art and unique battle system."

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Andrew Wiggin3574d ago

Nice review, I need to get into this game

Death3574d ago

I'm finally at the end. It's been well worth the purchase and I highly recommend it to any tactical RPG or even regular RPG fans.


SaiyanFury3573d ago

Valkyria Chronicles is a great game. It's really sad that it didn't sell better in North America. I bought it on day one of it's release. But too many people didn't see it as a viable game, which is too bad. VC was the best RPG experience available on a PS console and it was awesome. I hope that PS RPG fans will get it. VC was done by the same guys that made Skies of Arcadia and it's a great game. It sucks that it had poor sales in NA, but I'm a fan of those games. I have VC, and will continue to support the PS3 as an RPG platform. I love the PS platform as a medium for RPGs, and I'll do what I can to give them credit.

hay3573d ago

Valkyria is incredible game. If you're into tactics or jrpgs I highly reccomend to get it. Story's good, characters memorable, ending satisfying, canvas engine is a state of art, battles require you to think and there's some replay value. It's a 9/10 game.

chrisjc3574d ago

I can't wait to buy this

Canvas Of Flesh3573d ago

Don't wait long. Judging solely from the sales I'm not sure this game will be easy to find much longer.

Rmagnus3574d ago

It really is a fantastic game

Homicide3574d ago

Can't wait for the DLC. I want more Valkyria.

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The story is too old to be commented.