Resident Evil 5 Requires Massive Installation posted up, the installation space of Resident Evil 5 for the PlayStation 3. Bad news for the 40 GB PS3 owners because this installation requires at least 5 GB space.

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Homicide3575d ago

I expected this. The other Capcom games (DMC4 and Lost Planet) had a 5GB install. I'm surprised Street Fighter IV doesn't have a mandatory install.

Carbide73575d ago

How can games like Uncharted and Killzone 2 run without installs and this can't? Even CoD4 had a negligibly small install I recall, and that looks better than this.

Well it's not gonna be installed on my ps3, I'm not buying this game anyway, so ha.

KillzoneKid3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

does anyone even care???

Will any PS3 owner get any game other than KILLZONE 2 in february/march??

Re5 looks like a wii game vs KZ2 and the gameplay is as slow as re4

it is more like re4.5

cant believe CAPCOM is releasing this lame game vs KZ2

RE5 will be killzowned in March


yep all PS3s have HDD

and ofcourse if much superior games like KZ2/Uncharted can run without installs then definitely the stupid devs of CAPCOM are blamed for this

Spydiggity3575d ago

and this would be horrible news for me.... if i hadn't already learned my lesson from buying a multiplat for ps3.

if you own both systems, always get multiplat games for 360.

INehalemEXI3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Im going to upgrade my PS3 HDD Soon, so I think I will rent this one at first and spend the dough on a new HDD. Only got 7GB free out of 55/60GB.

MAR-TYR-DOM3575d ago

I'm calling it right here
RE5 most over rated game of 2009 = Gametrailers GOTY 2009 :)

Seriously though, unless the game is named Metal Gear Solid or Uncharted, if you dont have multiplayer, there is no way i will play the game. RE5 look like it will have a decent SP but lacks MP component. I dont see any replay value.

chaosatom3575d ago

Media will offcourse make it look like it is.

And I am sure, the 5gb install, will 'somehow' make re5 superior on 360 from media's point of view.

they will be like kotaku: "Sh!t, Eventho 5 gb install load saves some seconds of load times, and eliminates pop-in issues, 360 is still superior"

They need something to hold on to, because killzone 2 is going to rock on not their favorite platform.

jBat173575d ago

screw this army of two-clone

even army of two does not have a mandatory install!

anyway, this game looks over-hype. i mean, come on, it's army of two with zombies. too bad, the RE franchise is going the wrong direction..

morganfell3575d ago

For 10 bucks more than the game, get some real value for your dollar...

Elvfam5113575d ago

how is this bad news for me (40gb owner) doesnt the author know you can switch out the hard drives?

joemayo763575d ago

for the amount of data that can be installed 4.8GB-5GB i think. (remember reading about this somewhere)
only install data can exceed this is throug updates or dlc (MGS4 is 5+GB and RB can technically be higher)
So i don't think it can be MOREthan 5gb prob around the limit, plus its optional isn't it. I'll prob still use this feature

JHUX3575d ago

To say a resident evil game lacks replay value is :(, have u ever played the RE series?

Fat Bastard3575d ago

I just realized that the install is over half of an entire 360 game on a DVD. Capcom sucks big ol' balls basically

Man_of_the_year3575d ago

LOL - listen to you kids. No wonder more and more developers are choosing not to support the PS3 and are left as exclusives to the 360. You kids complain about everything...then you downplay great titles that are coming to the PS3.

Well thats fine - keep downplaying games and no buying them - the 360 fanboys will just have more reasons to come on N4G and again rub how the 360 has more titles and exclusives with a larger library of games to choose from.

Grow up.

vickers5003575d ago

"how is this bad news for me (40gb owner) doesnt the author know you can switch out the hard drives?"

It is bad news because you have to pay the price of a game or more just so you can continue playing games on a console. Consoles were supposed to be the saviors of game installs found on the pc, yet it seems more and more that consoles are becoming like pc's. Bottom line is, you shouldn't have to pay an extra fee to keep playing games on your ps3.

RememberThe3573575d ago

@jBat17: You never played RE4, did you?

@Man_of_the_year: WTF are you talking about?

JHUX3575d ago

Im kind of confused, this is bad that there is an install, but kz2 is knocked points for no installs? 5gb is not that bad either, atleast not for me :)

phosphor1123575d ago

They are not going to get PS3 sales by giving them mandatory installs. What a bunch of douches. I downloaded 4 FULL PSN games that don't equal 5gigs.
Off of the top of my head they are
Wipeout HD: 900mb
Bionic Commando: 280mb
Super Stardust HD: 200mb
flOw: 150mb

Thats 1.53 gigs..4 games..while 1 game will make me use 5 gigs? Not even MGS4's installs were that big, they were about 3 - 4 gigs (varied from chapter to chapter).

itagaki3575d ago

Another game requiring install on PS3. It seems that the fact that ever PS3 has a hard drive is backfiring. Now we are required to install every freaken game and 5GB too?

My 40GB PS3 will run out of space soon. I say optional install is the way to go.

Danja3575d ago

well..I have lots of space on my HDD so I dont really care about this install..even though I think every game that comes with the install option...should have it has "Optional" and not mandatory because it's about time they got there programming sh!t together....

ThanatosDMC3575d ago

I'm still on my 80gig most of it is being eaten by mp4 format movies. I have 9.4gb left. That's after installing Haze's 5gig install. Got it for $17.99 used at gamestop. Though i though it was $10.

Mini Mario3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Seriously though, unless the game is named Metal Gear Solid or Uncharted, if you dont have multiplayer, there is no way i will play the game. RE5 look like it will have a decent SP but lacks MP component. I dont see any replay value."

Well i dunno resi 4 had lots of reply value. I had to finish it 3 times before i got all my guns to their max, and unilimited rocket launcher. BUt it was fun going back thru with better weapons each time, it was alomst like having a "god mode cheat" without being a cheat.

So going by that, and the fact we dont know all the in's and out's im pretty sure they will have something for reply value...again going by resi 4....and since "their so much alike".

Helghast3575d ago

It's not that big of a deal. PS3 HDDs (2.5" SATA) aren't very expensive.

120GB PS3 HDD $67 --

120GB Xbox 360 HDD $135 --

king dong3575d ago

so why are people and web-sites complaing? i've got 60gig of games installed on my elites HDD, and i've still got loads to put on there!

having installs which cut load times, or having the option to install full games to the HDD is a great idea imo! i really dont understand the problem!

tip of the day: if you've not got much space left, delete previous installs for games that you dont play often....voila. problem solved!!

SaiyanFury3575d ago

Wow a *whole* 5GB? That's so much larger than any of the other mandatory installs. I'm just worried that my new 500GB PS3 HDD will fill up rather fast with these "massive" installs.

nix3575d ago

INSTALL - "it wastes my time" *deducts points*

NO INSTALL - "why no install? the game pauses for .0003 secs everytime it loads" *deducts points*

PS3 gamers will never get to play in peace.

anh_duong3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

40gb ps3 get screwed by sony? get a grip.

at least they can still play the games if they delete some unused files.. now tell that to all the pre-jasper arcade owners post NXE.. EVERYONE of them had NO OPTION but to buy a new hard drive... YES that's right: every pre-jaspar xbox arcade owner were screwed by the NXE - and this wasn't even optional... so xbox owners who complain about 40gb ps3 owners not being able to delete some unused files are just a bunch of hypocrites..

a 120gb hard drive is dirt cheap, if you can afford a ps3 you can certainly afford a 120gb - which is almost the same price as a comparable 20gb xbox drive (30 pounds for a 120gb minus 10 pounds for selling the existing 40gb = 20 pounds)..

can people stop moaning about installs.. we live in an era where 5gb is nothing.. installs will improve your gaming experience and lessen the stress on your laser... buying a large hd now and focusing on install will likely save you having to pay out on a new ps3 at some point because the laser is not so worn out.

i am sorry but i have no sympathy for people who moan about installs. in fact i think they should be all taken outside and given a good kicking. why? because if developers only focused on developing games using the hard drive as a cache then they will not be hamstrung by having to compromise their coding for people who don't want installs.

for example, killzone developers not using the faster install might have cause the following problems:


"MdJ : Currently there are no plans for co-op in Killzone 2, technically it would be quite difficult to implement it for the story mode as for example the mission sections are loaded in seamlessly – no loading screens , and that would cause issues with teleporting players. Even without co-op it’s still a big game and gamers will have plenty to sink their teeth into."

when i buy the ps3 i don't want my gaming experience to be compromised by itchy b1tchy moaning suffragettes who can't be arsed to spend 20 pounds on a new hard drive. this 20 pounds is an investment that will improve your gaming experience and prolong the life of your console - what the hell is wrong with this?????

pixelsword3575d ago

Last week, I got a 500Gb HD for $111

solidt123575d ago

I wish they would change the gameplay for RE5 they are just remaking RE4 but in a new country. I want to be able to move and shoot because they are making it more like a action game so why not go all the way out instead of playing it safe. Dead Space is the new king in my book.

prowiew3575d ago

This are the little things that bugs me!

morganfell3575d ago

Helghast, you need to do more research ha ha. Did you not see my post before yours?

EXCLUSIVEGAMER3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

yes. i agree with several posts here.but some of you are way out of line.
i dont think i will be buying this revised re4. Way too many exclusives worth playing over this.
Im not playing capcom down, since i intend on buying sf4.this just seems way below their standards.Ill wait til i see a re6 with a brand spanking new engine. my friends will buy this, i will borrow it.

Thursday. LOL, alot of people are gonna be PUT ON, on thursday. thursday the internet wil be lit Da fvck up.

everyone seems to be upgrading their storage. which is a great feature that is way to often overlooked in this long "ps3 hate campaign". personally, i swapped to a 250 gig hdd in mine...ssd are the future for the ps3. thats my next upgrade for the ps3.

felidae3575d ago

wow, that was really stupid.

RE5 looks like a Wii game? i think the quality is not far away from KZ2 ... i mean it definitely looks really really next gen.

and don't forget .. it's not only about graphics!

JaPo3575d ago

Shut the hell up. You clearly don't have a clue.

I'm getting a little peeved with these installs. Just feels cheap and nasty. Don't really want my HDD being filled with them to the point I'm having to choose which to keep and which to delete.

B.S., for sure. Probably still get this game, mind.

BLuKhaos3575d ago

I don't have a problem with the install but I wasn't going to waste any money on this game anyways.

Homicide3575d ago

I played the demo, and it was amazing. I'm getting it for the 360 though.

FrankenLife3574d ago

My 250 gig hdd says, "Bring it on"

Quickedie3574d ago

on the PS3 is that the Blueray drive is not perfecly suited for gaming. It does have a lot of space, however it has relatively slow access times. Thus a game on PS3 needs to be optimized to provide a constant data stream. And that is not like its easy to do. What developers therefore do is to spread the same data multiple times on the disk to improve reading speeds.
But seriously, whats the big deal of installing a game if it improves performance? Its very naive and ignorant to blame it on "lazy developers".
Also I believe, the advantage of Consoles over PCs is not to have no installs. The main advantage is that a console game is certainly going to run as intended on the console, no hardware incopatibility, no need to upgrade. Also console gaming usually cheaper than gaming on a PC.
Me as an X-Box owner am quite happy to have the option to install games to the harddrive. Also PS3 owners have the option to swap the HD for whatever HD they want.
But I do agree that having a mandatory install on a console is an annoyance. Give some blame to Sony for the Blueray format beeing less suited for gaming than a DVD.
If I had the choice, I would rather compromise and have blueray with installs than just a fraction of its storage space (on DVD) and no install.

Raz3571d ago

..when I pointed out that Home reserved that kind of space. Now that we're talking about a game, suddenly 5gb is a 'massive' installation. I'll tell you what they told me: delete the game data (not your saves, just the install data that lets your PS3 reduce load times) from other games you don't play much anymore. You can always re-install them.

And if you're suffering, like me, from too many DLs and not enough space; switch out the drive on your PS3 with a bigger one (or just delete them, keep your saves, and re-download them later).

Non-proprietary tech is a big win for Sony on the drive - you can go from a 40gb to a 200gb in what I understand is a fairly easy transition (unlike certain competitors, who require you purchase a completely new SKU..). I'll be doing it myself soon.

Don't get me wrong - I DON'T like RE5. I'd rather play RE4, frankly, given a choice between the two. But space isn't the issue; it's the quality of gameplay and replay.

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rucky3575d ago

Sh!t I have 120GB something left

White-Sharingan3575d ago

LOL epic comment

but wait wait wait wait, what worries me more is that I dont see a: headset compatible info

wtf? this does support headset right?

Liquid Snake3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Next will we will be seeing articles on PC gaming installation.

Anyway i still got 260gig left on my PS3.

metalhead3575d ago

got me a 500 gig in mine so no biggy

Return Of The Bad Gu3575d ago

How is it bad news for 40GB owners if it requires a 5GB installation?

Do you not understand the concepts of addition and subtraction?Here let me help you out:

Ps3 has 40GB of space.RE5 requires 5 GB of space.40GB-5GB=35GB of space will be left.

Kamikaze1353575d ago

Because most 40GB PS3 owners have other games installed into their hard drives. There are also firmware updates, photos, music, demos, etc. 5GB is way too big for most 40GB owners to handle. That'll force them to delete things in their HDD to make room.

ActionBastard3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

I guess most 40GB owners are unable to manage their hard disks. Like managing any device with storage (PC, ipod, etc). Delete old game data or upgrade your drive. VERY simple.

Kamikaze1353575d ago

Lol, yeah they should upgrade. I bought a 320GB and I have more space than I'll ever need. But it's always good to have extra than to assume you won't need as much and end up having to upgrade again, lol. Anyway, some people can't afford another HDD or maybe they're just afraid to install it in fear of ruining their PS3 somehow. Ah, well, I'm sure they have their reasons.

jakinov3575d ago

You can also delete other installs you won't play in a while and upgrade your harddrive PS3'S harddrives are super cheap and don't void ur warranty to change and you can easily change it.

Homicide3575d ago

It's not really a 40GB. Some space is taken up for firmware updates and other stuff to get the PS3 running. Just like your computer. When you turn it on for the first time, you'll see some HDD space is taken up. Well, at least changing hard drives is easy.

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thearchaic13575d ago

What most people don't realize is that the ps3 has a seagate hdd in it, and you can swap it out for a bigger hdd since all the ps3 has in it is a laptop hard drive. I ha a 60GB hdd in mine and I swapped it out efortlessly for a 500GB hdd. If you use a seagat, and sync your ps3 to the net before you swap out the drives all you have to do is reinstall your games. It is a lot asier than people think.

wanderofys3575d ago

Mine also had a Hitachi.

Maybe it depends on how big your hard drive is? Mine WAS 40 gigs (the 80 gig I replaced it with was also a Hitachi). Do 60 gig PS3's come with a Seagate?