Killzone 2 lives up to the Hype

Badass gamer writes:

"Every since the very unveiling of the Killzone 2 2005 E3 trailer, there has been unbelievable levels of hype for the game, it was on every ones mind, will it look like it? will it be better? how will it play like? is this Sony's big Killer app?"

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Return Of The Bad Gu3519d ago

Yep,unlike GTA4 and Halo 3,Killzone2 looks like it's the real deal.

Helghan or ISA?Having a tough time deciding

jamesrocks31473519d ago

i totally agree with you if any game i would say was a let down it would be GTA IV there is just no fun unlike the others, but killzone 2 will live up 2 the hype i think and if sony advertises good enough it will be amazzing they have put something like 4 million into advertising this game but compared to halo 3 ( way over hyped ) thats not alot...

MasFlowKiller3519d ago

DAY ONE, meet me in the Warzone

PSN ID: MasFlowKiller

im ready to own the servers, lol

Maddens Raiders3519d ago

Looking at KILLZONE II footage and going back to play any other FPS may cause bleeding of the eyes, smashing of non CELL -powered devices, and deep introspectives causing one to question everything they ever thought about the PlayStation 3.

You've been warned.

DavidMacDougall3519d ago

...and hell freezes ovER!!!!!

BulletToothtony3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

Now i know it's more than likely a Mistake.. yes i know it sucks if it is.. but i still bought one.. who knows right

here's the link.

Who knows maybe i end up with an extra $10 ps3...

Marceles3519d ago

'Helghan or ISA? Having a tough time deciding"

Helghan look cooler, but they're really easy to see on the night maps so...depends on if you want a challenge or not

KillzoneKid3519d ago

KZ2 has finally decimated the skeptics

the finest game ever

itagaki3518d ago

I already pre-ordered KZ2 from amazon for $52, but I'm not holding my breath that it will be anything revolutionary. As far as I can tell, it is CoD4 with graphics on steroids!

I ain't complaining!!!

nix3518d ago

agreed... GTA4 was so disappointing, it wasn't funny. and the worst thing was i paid extra for tha stupid game. i really tried liking it man.. it was just too repetitive. gave up after finishing 33%. haven't bothered to play again, even after they introduced trophy.

@Madden: totally agree... i wonder how gamers (especially 360) are going to feel when they go back and play MP on their system. i saw the video link that killzonekid had pasted yesterday about Halo 3 MP. man.. it looked really bad. i really feel bad for my 360 fellow gamers.. they seriously need to move up in life.

jump out to play beyond. we'll be waiting with open arms and a gun and a grenade too... q:

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Johnny Rotten3519d ago

hype or no hype this game looks pretty cool.

KillzoneKid3519d ago

this game is the best looking on consoles

and also the best playing

KZ2 obliterated all FPS out there

inbfour3519d ago

continues to explode. I hope I live to see this game because the hype is still killing me.

edwineverready3519d ago

Thank you guerrilla for a great game. all the effort you put in to this game the last 4 years has paid off. You can be proud

INehalemEXI3519d ago

Yes, Thanks in advance GG.

DavidMacDougall3519d ago

The bots can't comment right now as there jaws are still on there keyboards ...that is all

WhoaMan3519d ago

they're busy planning their suicide because they have been put to shame

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