Madden NFL 10: First Look (Inside EA)

EA Sports: Well Madden (and NFL) fans, as promised, we're bringing you a sneak peek at Madden NFL 10 by releasing a feature that you'll see in this year's game! Remember, it's only a mere 6½ months away!

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Timberland2K93576d ago

It sounds plain because you can't say Ooo Ten its just madden 10

can't wait. EA make sure you put Big Ben on the Cover Steelers Takin it

Panthers3575d ago

They should put the entire year in there now. It will sound very futuristic too.

Madden 2010!

BaSeBaLlKiD7213576d ago

they need to come up with a different name for madden... madden nfl 10 sounds just plain stupid. come up with a different name, "Madden NFL...." or maybe stop releasing madden every year and release it every other year so they dont have to think hard for names :-)

tharealest3576d ago

Wow what an innovation! Definitely going to pre order this first thing tomorrow.

voice_of_ reason3575d ago

Innovative, if not groundbreaking. EA is really pushing the boundaries of video game technology with Madden. Maybe next year they can make the football solid matter that doesn't just just phase through players (they haven't been able to solve this problem since Madden 97).