Standoff in Ohio Gamestop ends peacefully


Two guys went into a Cleveland-area Gamestop about an hour before closing time yesterday, carrying weapons. They weren't there to reserve Killzone 2.

The incident at the Solon, Ohio Gamestop ended without any shots fired or anyone hurt, and both suspects (still unnamed) were taken into custody. Reports say the manager of this GameStop was on the phone with the manager of a GameStop in nearby Macedonia around 8 p.m. when two men, dressed in ski masks and hoodies, came into the store and tried to rob it.

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Fade_Walker3579d ago

Perhaps it's time for me to quit.

SoIid Snake3578d ago

The two guys were probably PoG and Mart, trying to reserve Killzone 2 anonymously.

Panthers3578d ago

Or kill anyone who does reserve it

ThanatosDMC3578d ago

HAHAHHA!!! That'd be scary... cuz next thing you know, they're tracing IPs to "visit" you in your homes.

actas1233578d ago

Ok are we gonna submit a story for every gamestop that gets robbed now, whats next post a story every time a gas stations close to a gamestop get robbed.. I mean come on.