OPM Resident Evil 5 Review (Scans)

The U.S. Official Playstation Magazine reviewed Resident Evil 5 and is avaliable in the March issue. Here are some review scans.

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LittleBigKillzone3606d ago

This will be another gta 4, it will get perfect scores because of the hype then gamers will say it's overrated and u will see tons of used copies at gamestop of gamers trading it in, I played the demo. It's overrated garbage

DavidMacDougall3606d ago

I was going to get it but after seeing how slow it was im not going to bother i'll stick to L4D

Carbide73606d ago

I agree whole heartedly.

acedoh3606d ago

I have yet to play the demo but right now I am half and half. I know some love this series but I think it's gotten kind of stale. I am hoping it breathes new life into the genre...

spunnups3606d ago

Agreed 100%. Still getting it though LOL

MAR-TYR-DOM3606d ago

stop hating on Gametrailers 2009 game of the year..... ;)

MasFlowKiller3606d ago

"stop hating on Gametrailers 2009 game of the year..... ;) "

↑↑ THIS ↑↑

MasFlowKiller3606d ago

u mean the game thatz coming out in more then one console will sell more then the one coming out in only one?

thatz and interesting theory you have there,

ill get my team to investigate this and ill get back to you right away,

cayal3606d ago

I'm getting it and thought the demo was great (on 360).

Skizelli3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

"And yet it will still sell more then KZ2"

If it does, it's because the series has already established a fanbase that isn't based on graphics, a plot worth mentioning and characters fans actually care about. A lot of my friends haven't played many of the RE games, if any, and yet they still want RE5. I think this is kind of sad because if you're not a real fan of the series, why bother playing 5? Because it looks good? You won't have any special attachment to the characters or much knowledge of what's going on. You'll be oblivious to any references made to past games. RE4 was a huge breakthrough for the series, and game of the year might I add. RE5 might be a little more of the same for some people, but it's enough for me, so long as it delivers on the plot. And from what I've seen, it more than likely will. I have my gripes about the demo, but none of them are game breakers for me.

Jinxstar3606d ago (Edited 3606d ago )

I loved 4 and this looks to take a lot from that... Apart from atmosphere it looks to play the same. I am excited.

Co-op looks fun too.

Megaton3606d ago

Completely agree. If this didn't have "Resident Evil" in the title, it would change everything. Based on the demo, Dead Space is still the best horror game of this gen. Never thought I'd see the day where I'd say EA had the best game of any genre.

kwyjibo3606d ago

Dead Space runs out of ideas fast. I got bored about 2/3rds through the game, when I was just doing the same old freeze, chop limbs drill.

It's really well put together, but if 2/3rds in, the only new idea you come up with, is zombies which are fast, then I just can't be bothered.

Anon19743606d ago

RE4 was an absolute masterpiece. Why suddenly have so many turned on RE5 before it's even launched. Wait till the game hits the shelves and if it sucks, by all means take to the forums. In the meantime I'll be reserving judgement until I actually play the game through.

smokeandapancake3605d ago

...the game looks great. I just really wish the controls were better. They updated everything else, and left the controls back in 2005. Unfortunately, the only thing the demo sold me on, is not buying.

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Return Of The Bad Gu3606d ago

Heard it plays and looks best on Ps3,not surprised though considering the Ps3 has actual hardware to support Hi-res textures and advanced A.I.

N4PS3G3606d ago

for real? odd..because the 360 demo looked better on the comparisons... now i'm confused :s

bassturd3606d ago

^ to both of you

really cuz it looked identical to me. Aww I love you guys...can't be happy ever.

earwax3606d ago Show
Jinxstar3606d ago

Earwax Reported,

Bassturd, agree 100%.

hippo243606d ago

yea...the games look EXACTLY the same in graphical comparisons. Its exactly the same game, the only difference is the controller its played on.

anyone telling you different is a piece of sh*t and is lying.

leave this one alone fany's we all know where its headed.

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tatotiburon3606d ago

lol the haters, yess everybody sold their copies of GTAIV, that's why GTAIV remains in the top 5 of the most played games online...yeah nobody is playing GTAIV, right...

RE5 is crazy and if the game is the same as RE4, well we have a winner, can't wait.

GiantEnemyCrab3606d ago

It seems painfully obvious it's sour grapes. GTA IV was/is excellent and by far the best sandbox game I've played (I liked it better than San Andreas). Saints Row 2 is also good from a fun perspective but as far as realistic gritty story GTA IV owns. The DLC looks to be equally as interesting, like a "Sons of Anarchy" type of story which am I totally excited about. All the people that I game with on 360 still have it and are keeping it to enjoy the DLC.

Anyway, on-topic.. I am really struggling with the controls on RE5. I never had an issue in the past with the RE games but it seems the gameplay no longer works as well with stationary shooting. They need to add an alt controller scheme for more "run and gun" type play. It might not be traditional RE controls but the game is evolving to the point where they need it. I am a sucker for zombie games so I will more than likely still buy it.

boxedup3606d ago

I'm sure the used GTAIV's at gamestop have nothing to do with the fact that it sold 5 million copies.

Man_of_the_year3606d ago

Used games do not count as sold games - only to the stores like gamestop. Its first time buys that count. But you are still young and only know how to troll....don't sweat it - when you grow up you will start to learn these things.

Return Of The Bad Gu3606d ago

Yep,definitely looks best on Ps3,just looked at the official Screenshots and the amount of low-res textures in the 360 version is just unacceptable.

To N4PS3G or whatever you call yourself on the Internet,the Ps3 Demo is out next week,therefore there can't exist a Demo comparison.Sharpen up.

Rhoic3606d ago

"just looked at the official Screenshots"

What does that even mean rofl. Official? XD Guys.. I think every other screenshot has been fake. Resort to this man for all official news, screenshots and videos.

NickIni3606d ago

...Well know...'official' means sent out by Capcom/Sony/MS?

Just a thought

kwyjibo3606d ago

Seriously, what the heck is wrong with you? You've had absolutely nothing to back up any of your claims, and are making more assumptions and guesses, giving flat out erroneous responses than anyone I've seen.

Here's the demo comparison -

Look for yourself, and actually look, instead of just blindly claiming "PS3 - power of the blu-ray". A lot of it is subjective, but stating that the "Ps3 version has higher-res textures,better model characters and environments,and a much more dynamic A.I." is a lie and you know it.

Are you paid to spread FUD and general disease, or are you stupid? I'm going for the latter.

hippo243606d ago

Hay everyone please get rid of "Return Of The Bad Guy"

hes the reason people think of gaming as a childish past time with no value whatsoever. Why because as soon as they see/hear people like this any and all respect for the gaming community is lost.

debubble and deface him.
I could care less if It happens to me as well I just want trolls like this gone.

Anon19743606d ago

@ kwyjibo. That comparison you're using, those are two different builds of the games. They both look pretty damn incredible in my books but we found out later that the code they used on the demo was farther along on the 360 version. I guess we'll have to wait till the game is actually released.

Not that it'll matter. It's always if a texture is slightly blurred if you pause the game and the lighting in the room is just so and look with a magnifying glass up in the corner on the third shadow on the right on the PS3 version suddenly the web lights up with "360 version superior" articles, ignoring the other 20 multiconsole games released that month that were identical or where the PS3 version was the better version.

Actually, it doesn't even matter to me in the end. History has shown I can't trust my 360 hardware. I play all my multiconsole games on my PS3 simply because I don't want to risk another rrod. I remember people acted like the Orange Box was unplayable on the PS3 when in truth, that game freakn rocked. Yeah there were some framerate issues towards the end but it didn't hamper my enjoyment of the game in the slightest, and I didn't have to worry "I've been playing for 40 minutes now. Should I turn off my console and let it cool?"

Rhoic3605d ago

All screenshots that are released of a game that is not out yet is an official screenshot.

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