Yakuza 3 - New screenshots

Sega published a batch of new Yakuza 3 screenshots.

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Return Of The Bad Gu3577d ago

Awesome,this will be my first Yakuza game I play

kazan3577d ago

will they bring this to the west?? i so wana play it.looks awesome and remind me of one of the best games ever made Shenmue

kodiak3577d ago

another awlful yakuza game
this franchise is already dead.
Poor Sales with Poor Scores for a Poor console (Flopstation3)

deadie3577d ago

^^ woho another comment from a poor boy in need of a hug.

milk and cookies anyone?

Canary3577d ago


Yakuza 3 will be stuck in Japan forever, because no one bought Yakuza 2.

Instead of pining away for a game that you might be able to play one day, that might be fun, why not go out and buy a game that you can play right now that is most-definitely one of the single best games in history?