Square Enix Finally Kicked-Off Final Fantasy XIII's Promotion

Square Enix made a few faux pas in recent history, such as the Blood of Bahamut countdown which all went completely wrong, and people have become a bit frustrated at their extreme lack of promotion for Final Fantasy XIII thus far.

However, Wednesday the 28th of January, 16:00GMT was the date and time when Square Enix finally got something right.

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Somnus3574d ago

Thanks for reiterating what we already knew a few days ago?

Max Power3574d ago

i thought it was going to contribute more info about the game, not talk about the trailer we saw days ago.

mephman3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

You're welcome.

Selyah3574d ago

Really good article, it's about time Square Enix did something right.

kraden3574d ago

Who sill cares about SE? lol we just want the games, if they do stupid things is their problem.