MS Throwing Xbox 360 Tupperware Parties To Hook Women

SAI writes: "We've seen social gatherings of women to sell products-so-called "tupperware parties" - for everything from sex toys to botox. But this might be the strangest one yet: Is Microsoft using tupperware parties to sell the Xbox 360?"

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GiantEnemyCrab3575d ago

Yes, how dare MS try and expand their customer base! You would think they are acting like a business or something!

This is old news anyway..

Maddens Raiders3575d ago

I smell desperation. No surprise though as the 360 is the grandfather / grandmother of all the consoles; I guess next they'll hit up the Mary Kay ladies. I can't blame them though; they need all the exposure they can handle at this point as the end draws nigh.

SaiyanFury3575d ago

Frankly I think the whole idea is foolish. Moms and teens obviously prefer the Wii over the 360 since the system targets their demographics. MS has a hardcore following but more casual players don't really associate the 360 with just "pick up and play". This isn't a fanboy statement attacking any of the 3 companies, it's merely one of simple fact.

Firstkn1ghT3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

How is that desperation??? Is the 360 in last place? Did I miss something the last few months? Hasn't the 360 been spanking the ps3???

"Frankly I think the whole idea is foolish. Moms and teens obviously prefer the Wii over the 360 since the system targets their demographics"

And that is why this is a great idea because Microsoft is trying to show moms and teens what the 360 is capable of. It's business 101 dude.

GiantEnemyCrab3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

Where were you when they did this last year?

How is this desperate? It's called marketing and Sony should take a page.

S A G A T3575d ago

The Xbox faithful are dwindling in numbers on this site and switching sides on others. Tupperware parties to bring in the femmes at this stage? My goodness times have changed.

cLiCK_sLiCK93575d ago

Dont you guys just love it when every single article ends up being compared to the opposite console? sigh*

kwyjibo3575d ago

Of course times have changed.

We've just dived headfirst into a recession, and 2008's highest grossing title was a set of bathroom scales.

JokesOnYou3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

"Sony Throwing PS3 Tupperware Parties To Hook Women"

then suddenly

post #1, 1.2, 1.3, 10 and so on would have said:

"Wow, thats a great Idea!"

Its strange how you can add just those two little letters (If) to any conversation on N4G and somehow the whole meaning of life becomes so fustrating for some people....lmfao.


Maddens Raiders3575d ago

that you're still beating your forehead against a brick wall joy, even after all this time. Pick up a Triple and relieve the pain today my friend. It's ok, you'll thank me later.

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outlawlife3575d ago

now that is marketing

regardless of what you think of microsoft, that is an impressive idea if true

Blaze9293575d ago

but fanboys cant see that.

ry-guy3575d ago

This is nothing new actually.

Nintendo did it for their DS a few years ago and MSNBC recorded it for some piece and promote it.

ry-guy3575d ago

Harrison! Longest play in teh Superbowlz.

Bill Gates3575d ago

Now you BABOONS can buy your plastic shlongs right next to you favorite CRAP of a console....AAHAAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA HAH

Maddens Raiders3575d ago

how many people did you lay off this week?

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