Negative Gamer: Things We Hate About Gaming: The "Perfect" Score

NG writes: "I'll get this out of the way at the start: I've never been a fan of number or letter grades being assigned to anything. Whether it's movies, videogames, coursework, or a product, I would rather know what it is that makes it good or bad than have some arbitrary number or letter assigned to it. While most videogame reviews certainly do provide that, the number of people who skip to the number score of the game can't be ignored. It seems like reviews will always have some kind of number associated with it to keep these impatient people satisfied. Some sites have gone to the trouble of giving brief explanations for their scores for those who would like to know why the game got what it did without going through the trouble of all that laborious reading. Gamespot and IGN have a few bullet points about the game next to the numerical score and while that may get people more interested in reading more, even that system is flawed."

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