Killzone 2 Superbowl trailer is not official

Jeff Rubenstein of the Playstation blog stated that the Superbowl trailer is not official.

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aspergersyndrome3603d ago


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macalatus3603d ago


(while you eat pepperoni pizza and Doritos)

plain rice3603d ago

That was a corny commercial ad. I'm glad that ain't the official one.

Liquid Dust3603d ago

It would be a damn shame if they dont show anything

FPS hungry Americans need to see this shooter. Ive been trying to inform as many of my PS3 owning friends about it and get them to preorder it. Many of my 360 owning friends are taking notice, but we need to have it show during the superbowl so we can get some converts!

gametheory3603d ago

Man of the year said:

"Pathetic - HHG sucks and so do the Droids that agreed with him."

Let's remind him of something:

"Gamer Zone Posting Guidelines
The Gamer Zone is for members who want a more friendly and civilized discussion. This section is heavily moderated by the N4G staff, so leave your fanboyism at the door please. Members who are unable to behave in a mature and respectful manner will be temporarily or permanently restricted from posting in the Gamer Zone. Using words such as Xbots and Sony droids, or other words from the console war vocabulary, is strictly prohibited in this Zone."

Reported. Mods, ban him.

CommonSense3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

i wonder how many extra viewers the superbowl will get just because ps3 fanboys think they will see a killzone 2 commercial.

i think it's smart marketing by the people in charge of advertising for the superbowl.

don't appeal to their taste in sports, appeal to their die hard fanboyism by telling them their favorite corporation will be buying ad space during the game.

EDIT: @ Plain Rice: i said the same thing when hiphopgamer claimed this was going to be a commercial and got a buncha disagrees, now you're saying it and have all agrees. the ps3 fanboy is a mysterious thing.

@Liquid Dust: i wrote a comment for an article about how PS3 Fanboys are a lot like religious fanatics. actually i think i compared them specifically to Mormons. Either way, you're a great example. Thanks.

Blaze9293603d ago

this is what happen when people believe the crap hiphopgamer pulls outta his ass.

Man_of_the_year3603d ago

Pfff - u can report all you want - doesn't change the fact that HHG was quick to say that that was a legit commercial and a great commercial at that giving props to sony for knowing how to advertise - meanwhile the commercial looked like a 10 year old made it and stuck it up on youtube. then when people were saying that it was a terrible commercial they kept getting disagrees and bubbles taken away - and now turns out it was fake and still sucked.

HHG is like the leader of the "rigz" and he just posts any BS to start flamewars to get hits on his site and 9 out of 10 times is always PRO SONY.

So let me rephrase my comments then - the HHG SHOW sucks and is full of Pro Sony droid flaimbait that is gobbled up by 90% of N4G community - "birds of the feather droid together"

TheRealSpy3603d ago

Thank you. you're absolutely right.

PS3 fanboys are nothing more than an army of trolls ruining the gaming community, and "hip hop gamer" is on the front lines.

JHUX3602d ago

yes... because it's just the ps3 fanboys who ruin the gaming industry. I could say Wii fanboys ruin the gaming industry for supporting a "last gen gamesystem", or xbox fanboys for being so quick to forgive/completely ignore the fact that MS put out a faulty console, but nooo.... your right, it was ps3 fanboys who ruined the gaming industry.

TheRealSpy3602d ago (Edited 3602d ago )

were extremely quick to forgive (in fact, over look) the faulty hardware in the ps2. so thank you for proving my point about the ps3 fanboy. hypocrites. and when MS hardware failed, they gave everyone a free 3 year warranty. what did sony do when ps2 failed all the time or the cheap dvd player video fell out of sync with the audio after a few minutes of watching a dvd?

and i would agree with you about the wii fanboy. except wii fanboys don't really exist. most gamers know wii is a last gen joke. it's the 40 year olds who think standing and swinging your arm for 20 minutes a day will help you lose weight that are buying the systems.

and in general, i agree that even 360 fanboys are bad. but again. they aren't an army. on n4g, especially, i'd estimate that ps3 fanboys outweigh the rest of the community 2:1. and outweigh 360 fanboys 20:1

JHUX3602d ago

I would agree, as I went through a couple ps2's myself, but I have seen far more 360's fail than the ps2, and believe me I wasn't quick to forgive Sony at all for that, seeing as how my first ps2 I didnt have an extended warranty. Your point still fails, you can't put blame on "ps3 fanboys" when both fanboys are bad. It's hard to tell who the biggest hypocrites are, especially when 360 fans switch there method of defining "flops" every other day. And guess what... you are part of the problem, as you make it out to look like a 360 fanboy.

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KobeT243603d ago

Notice he didnt deny a Superbowl Ad all together?

Heh? Heh?

Premonition3603d ago

lol ya i read between the lines there to, his comment was kinda like "thats not the official one you guys, wait till you see the official superbowl ad". I hope they do pull something during the superbowl.

Killzowned3603d ago

Hope they pull something out for the SuperBowl.

BlazeXXL3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

just ban this HipHopgamer website. It spews out so much garbage it's unbelievable.

Here's what's HipHopgamer has been doing lately:

1. showing off a fake superbowl killzone 2 ad
2. putting words in mouth of Aaron Greenberg (one luv, peace) WTF
3. constantly posting flamebait articles every week, which are also complete rehashes of previous articles on N4G

N4G is such an awesome site, I check it daily for gaming news. But websites like HipHopgamer destroy it. I like it when games get announced, or when a developer interview has been posted, it's informative and peeks my interest. But when I see one off those sh!tty headlines I just automatically want to shutdown my webbrowser.

Seriously, how does this sh!t get aproved? (srry for my words, but this is just too ridiculous for words)

BrianC62343603d ago

That wasn't on The Hip Hop Gamer's site. It was on Gamespy.

BlazeXXL3603d ago

but HipHopgamer reported it, made an article, and posted it on N4G stating it was the official superbowl ad.

Premonition3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

To tell you the truth, tons of people thought that was an official superbowl ad, so hiphopgamer isnt a superhuman he makes a mistake, 2nd those articles are his articles he names it he posts, its not like he gets his stuff from another site and renames the title of the news inorder to attract flamebait.

lil Titan3603d ago

there are people here every day that report news that doesnt even relate to gaming or the other categorys, untrue rumors, sh!t news and HHG reports 1 article 1 ARTICLE that turned out not to be true and u want to ban his website on here...are u stupid?

Sevir043603d ago

alot of people thought it was legit. Dont bash HHG for nothing he was mistaken when Sony debunked it and so was everyone who saw the trailer and thought it was real. understand that. all he did was report it. got off the guy's back.

Haters i tell you.

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