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PlayStation.Blog writes: "Sure, it's Super Bowl Sunday. But if you're not a football fan, a reader outside of the US, or just a bitter, still-not-over-it Eagles fan like myself who can't bear to watch the game this year - here's something to look forward to for tomorrow: Killzone 2 reviews.

IGN's North American-exclusive review checked in late last week with an "Outstanding" 9.4 (link below), and you'll see a lot more hit tomorrow. It doesn't make the wait for the game go by any faster, but it does help reassure you that the wait til February 27th will be well worth it".

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Hercules3576d ago

he's an eagles fan? i am too..oh yeah killzone2 ftw

interrergator3576d ago

wish it came out early but they need it for ads i think