By 2012 Koreans Will Get 1Gbps Broadband Connections

The Korea Communications Commission is working on plans that will boost broadband speeds in that country by ten times by the end of 2012. That means Koreans will access of 1 Gbps service by 2012. That's 200 times as fast as your typical 5 Mbps DSL connection sold in the US. At present, Koreans can get speeds of upto 100 Mbps from their broadband providers. Availability of such high-speed connections has allowed Korea to emerge as a leader in the MMO and online gaming industries. Even higher broadband speeds are going to unveil many new usage-scenarios, which can lead to new company creation.

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In2iti0n3486d ago

It would be cool if these speeds could be available in US too... I hope we see how Koreans do it and make internet even faster.

Damn that's fast, 1GB/s!

inthekillzone3486d ago

I have a 1GB/s internet connection speed.

This reply was added before i even pressed the summit butt....

Bnet3433486d ago

People tend to forget that the United States isn't exactly a small country. Korea and Japan are about the size of California, maybe a bit bigger. It would be hard for such high speeds to be standard here in the states. Maybe by 2020, we'll see.

MAR-TYR-DOM3486d ago

here in canada i pay $40 for 1 MB/S connection. 1GB/s might happen when ps 10 is out.

Tempist3486d ago

Yeah... someone just has to tell the telecoms that the interwebs should be free at such slow speeds.

phosphor1123486d ago

I get 1.5mbps.
They will get 1000mbps..
A little bit of math says..
Their connection will be 666.667 times faster than my laughed hard.

king dong3486d ago

but live in france. broadband in the UK is sh!t, with the british government "hoping" to give everybody a chance of getting 2meg lol by 2012.

here in france, in all the big towns and cities, 100meg-down/50meg-up connections are available through most isp's....for 30euros a month!! that also comes with 30 tv channels(5 in HD) one phone line, and another phone line that gives you FREE, yes thats rite FREE phone calls to over 100 lines only!

me, coz my town is only 12,000 people, i've got to make do with 17meg-down/1meg-up. plus everything else i said i get with my isp. tv, two phone lines...30 euros a month!

if you dont believe me, check out for info....providing you can read french!

FinalFantasyFanatic3486d ago

Come on, make our NBN FTTH or FTTP so we can have 1gbps. Otherwise I'm moving to Korea, or the Netherlands depending on which language is easier to learn.

KRUSSIDULL3486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Cool I heard that we could get 1GB/s here in sweden with fiber but I have only seen 300 MB/s for sale by those who sell it ;S

But only have 8MB/s for like 10$/month 300MB/s cost around 100$ I feel sorry about americans.

PS. Sweden there is 900K WoW players of a population of 9 Million :P

FinalFantasyFanatic3485d ago (Edited 3485d ago )

Actually, the Australians are alot worse off if you've seen some of my previous comments. It's correct that if you have FTTH and maybe FTTP you should be able to get 1 gig connection but I'm guessing no ISPs in Sweden offer it for whatever reason. Plus you can use it for TV and Telephony as a bundle or as a separate service.

It's easy to give countries like Netherlands, Japan, Korea and Sweden fibre optic broadband because there're all small countries with a large population. Look at Canada and Australia, large country, small population density, hence the reason it's more expensive. Not that fibre is much dearer then copper, after you count the cost of maintenance the fibre pays for itself very quickly in comparison to copper's expensive maintenance.

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panasonic233486d ago

i hope we have that speed in the usa by 2012

cLiCK_sLiCK93486d ago

Doubt it. USA internet service sucks. Its slow and overpriced.
As long as our internet provider swims in our money, they could give a sh!t.

phosphor1123486d ago

and their corporate ways..

inthekillzone3486d ago

i was waiting for someone to say that.

panasonic233486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

i know dang and i was really looking forward to see the movie 2012 o well.

poindat3486d ago

Damn, I can only dream of a 1Gbps connection.

caladbolg7773486d ago (Edited 3486d ago )

Sad, though. They won't be alive long to take advantage of their insane broadband connections.

We're all dead in 2012!

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