Crazed game developer vandalized Nintendo World store in NYC

Bob Pelloni the jilted sole creator of Bob's Game, whom Nintendo is still refusing to sell a software development kit to.

Pelloni's assault on Nintendo World took place on "Stage 50" of his 100-day sit-in protest (the rules of which can apparently be bent to allow for a brief littering excursion). He and his accomplices plastered the store's walls in Bob's Game posters, covered the floor with business cards, and filled store shelves with mock-up game cases. Given this latest desperate attention grab, and the fact that his once-humble development blog currently shows Pelloni consorting with aliens, we're guessing he's exchanged his game development ambitions for fleeting e-lebrity status.

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qface643578d ago

looks like a gba game to me

Parapraxis3579d ago

Absolutely Pathetic.
This guy has failed on an epic level.
I expect Bob will be hearing from Nintendo now, but it will be because they are pressing charges, not to give him a Dev Kit.

Gue13579d ago

Apart from the money you have to pay for the kit what more do you need for Nintendo to approve? Anybody can buy these kits or what? Anyone knows?

Voiceofreason3579d ago

You need a valid business address. That is the issue. For security reasons they do not want you developing Wii games in your house. He doesnt have an office and Nintendo doesnt want to hand out dev kits to just anyone with the money laying around.

Kushan3579d ago

When I first heard of Bob's plight ages ago, I would have happily signed whatever petitions he needed or even wrote a few letters or whatever as I think he's got a worthy cause, but after all his antics as of late, I'd now sooner sign a petition to get him to go away. He makes real developers look bad.

Lich1203579d ago

Yeah, this guy really just seems like a raving narcissist. Not only is this stunt ridiculous and won't help him at all (Im sure this was just for the attention anyway), but the title and cover of the game really say it all. He named the game after himself, and felt the need to tell everyone it was made by one person. Which honestly, for a DS title really isn't THAT crazy.

Axecution3579d ago

These comments suck. lol. I personally think he deserves to get it published. He's apparently spend over 1500 hours developing it (according to his website), and he really does seem to want it to be released. Throw in the fact that he gave it away free to a bunch of people on the streets and in Nintendo World. I'm sure if you spent that long creating a game, then you would be pretty pissed that it cant be released... I sure would me.

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