Apple, AT&T slapped with yet another iPhone 3G lawsuit

Still one more class-action lawsuit is claiming that the iPhone not only fails to live up to 3G speeds, but that it also prematurely develops hairline cracks in its outer casing.

Texas residents Alyce R. Payne, William French, Karen Michaels, and Lorna Harris filed the lengthy 23-page complaint in an Eastern Texas court yesterday on their own behalf as well as all customers who are not satisfied with their iPhone 3G purchase, claiming that Apple has committed breaches of contract and warranty, violating Texas business and commerce codes, and other infractions.

The suit is the second to be filed this week (among many others over the past several months) claiming the iPhone 3G performs poorly when connected via 3G because it "demand(s) too much power from the 3G bandwidths."

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jack who3575d ago (Edited 3575d ago )

about time maybe they will use the "No reasonable person would believe our ads" excuse AGAIN.

Flare1493575d ago

This is really stupid....if it was that much of a problem they should have stuck with the original. Also nothing is perfect.

Stop whining and get a real problem

jackalman3575d ago

yeah get a real problem you rich assclowns. "oh no my 3g connection isnt up to standards, what shall i do?" im sure some starving kid in some under developed country is crying cus he got the 4gig model instead of the 8gig. u poor rich babies.

BLuKhaos3575d ago

Well you don't have to be rich to own an Iphone,you just need to have a job.

Premonition3575d ago

Doesnt the commercial already claim 3G speeds may vary? so why fight something you didnt even read?

FarEastOrient3575d ago

What is up with that district of courts that everyone that wants to file a class action lawsuit against a company it is filed over there?

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