Sony recalls laptop batteries

Sony is recalling its 2.15Ah Lithium Ion batteries used in Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba and Dell notebook computers.

New Zealand is part of computer manufacturers' global recall of 100,000 laptop batteries made by Sony Corp after 40 incidents of overheating world-wide.

Some users reported smoke or flames. Four of the incidents resulted in minor skin burns while 21 of the cases caused damage to property, Sony said.

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TheMART3576d ago


They had the same problem 1 or 2 years ago already.

karlostomy3576d ago

we should all be thankful that the ps3 does not have sony batteries in it.

jack who3576d ago

3rd year in a roll. we should throw a party for them

Sez 3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

well the third times a charm. look at the ps3 ;)

@jack who

thanks. maybe sony should make electronic toliets. cause they keep spinning sh!t.

jack who3576d ago

;) I saw what you did there,and i like it.

ultimolu3576d ago

You know what vega?

At least they actually *do* recalls, unlike a certain company who allows their consumers to purchase broken hardware, only to throw around warranties as if it'll fix the problem entirely instead of FINDING the root of the problem itself.

Grow up.

Sez 3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

i know you really don't want it with me. cause you can't block me here as you do when you PM me. and don't use one of your many accounts to PM me. ok.

maybe sony should find the root of their problem with laptop batteries. this is going on three years. and the same problem keeps happening. sony ps1 and ps2 had problems. again as i told you before. just because you made one good system out of three doesn't make sony the greatest.

maybe sony needs to take a hint from MS and start selling their products with a three year warrenty. or do people have to wait to they remodel the batteries to work right. same as they did with the ps2.

i'm grown. it's you that needs to grow up


look at you. you sound agree. you need to chill out. i won't listen to reason? more like i won't jump on sony [email protected] like you have. i don't care if it's years ago or yesterday. they [email protected] up and i had to pay for it. you think when MS makes a new concole people will just forget about the problems with the 360? NO they won't. and they will not trust the new system because of that very problem. yet the xbox was a good system.

your problem is you want me to forgive sony for [email protected] me over twice. fine since your so close to sony. tell them to give me back my money. until then STFU.

ultimolu3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Blah blah, blah.

That's all that came out of your mouth.

Sony is probably trying to find the root of the problem. It's nothing compared to the infamous RROD we're used to hearing every single damn minute. All Microsoft has done is change chips, change chips, and change chips. And yet you have the f*cking nerve to talk crap about Sony.

They're not perfect and they do make mistakes but this is nothing to make a BIG thing out of.

Your hatred for Sony is truly sickening and yet you have the audacity to claim I have immense hatred for Microsoft. I blocked you again because you will not listen to reason and it makes no sense knocking sense into your brain.

Again, grow up. You're the one who has a grudge on a company for an incident that happened years ago.

Also, I only used one account. I disabled it after I PM'd you. That's how much you know.

You disagree like a coward and yet you have the nerve to call me a coward.

You are a joke vega.

Sez 3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

one more thing. i would be a coward if i disagree without leaving a reason to why i disagree with the person. not because i hit the disagree botton and post my reason why or PM'ed them then blocked them soon after so i don't have to face what they have to say like you do. maybe you should learn that.

but i see you still butthurt because i called you out for what you are. deal with it. it's not like what i said wasn't true. and the many people that commented on the fact that you've done the same to them proves what i said.

karlostomy3576d ago

hey vega!

Yeah i like that:
"maybe sony should make electronic toliets. cause they keep spinning sh!t. "

Only problem is, they have already made one... It's called Juuken/Ultimolu.

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Maddens Raiders3576d ago

is it 2006 all over again??? lol

(somebody wishes it

kwicksandz3576d ago

Osama needs to stop looking for nukes and bioweapons and go down to the sony store and pick up a bunch of their off the shelf battery bombs. Seriously isnt this like the 5th recall of these things?

Maddens Raiders3576d ago

nuke compared to a battery? hmm..what kind of console owner would put forth such a silly notion? oh nvmd. 8D

Biphter3576d ago

from 2004/2005. Its not a NEW fu*k up, just another recall from the same batch that affected Sony in the mass recall in 2006 (that was around 10 million batts).

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Gamingisfornerds3576d ago

Loving my Vaio, great piece of hardware! Fantastic design as well, pretty much like any of Sony's products: Class! :)

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