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Submitted by Lord Anubis 2561d ago | news

Sony recalls laptop batteries

Sony is recalling its 2.15Ah Lithium Ion batteries used in Hewlett-Packard, Toshiba and Dell notebook computers.

New Zealand is part of computer manufacturers' global recall of 100,000 laptop batteries made by Sony Corp after 40 incidents of overheating world-wide.

Some users reported smoke or flames. Four of the incidents resulted in minor skin burns while 21 of the cases caused damage to property, Sony said. (PC, Tech)

TheMART  +   2561d ago

They had the same problem 1 or 2 years ago already.
karlostomy  +   2560d ago
we should all be thankful that the ps3 does not have sony batteries in it.
jack who  +   2561d ago
3rd year in a roll. we should throw a party for them
Sez  +   2561d ago
well the third times a charm. look at the ps3 ;)

@jack who

thanks. maybe sony should make electronic toliets. cause they keep spinning sh!t.
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jack who  +   2561d ago
;) I saw what you did there,and i like it.
ultimolu  +   2561d ago
You know what vega?

At least they actually *do* recalls, unlike a certain company who allows their consumers to purchase broken hardware, only to throw around warranties as if it'll fix the problem entirely instead of FINDING the root of the problem itself.

Grow up.
Sez  +   2561d ago
i know you really don't want it with me. cause you can't block me here as you do when you PM me. and don't use one of your many accounts to PM me. ok.

maybe sony should find the root of their problem with laptop batteries. this is going on three years. and the same problem keeps happening. sony ps1 and ps2 had problems. again as i told you before. just because you made one good system out of three doesn't make sony the greatest.

maybe sony needs to take a hint from MS and start selling their products with a three year warrenty. or do people have to wait to they remodel the batteries to work right. same as they did with the ps2.

i'm grown. it's you that needs to grow up


look at you. you sound agree. you need to chill out. i won't listen to reason? more like i won't jump on sony c@ck like you have. i don't care if it's years ago or yesterday. they f@cked up and i had to pay for it. you think when MS makes a new concole people will just forget about the problems with the 360? NO they won't. and they will not trust the new system because of that very problem. yet the xbox was a good system.

your problem is you want me to forgive sony for f@cking me over twice. fine since your so close to sony. tell them to give me back my money. until then STFU.
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ultimolu  +   2561d ago
Blah blah, blah.

That's all that came out of your mouth.

Sony is probably trying to find the root of the problem. It's nothing compared to the infamous RROD we're used to hearing every single damn minute. All Microsoft has done is change chips, change chips, and change chips. And yet you have the f*cking nerve to talk crap about Sony.

They're not perfect and they do make mistakes but this is nothing to make a BIG thing out of.

Your hatred for Sony is truly sickening and yet you have the audacity to claim I have immense hatred for Microsoft. I blocked you again because you will not listen to reason and it makes no sense knocking sense into your brain.

Again, grow up. You're the one who has a grudge on a company for an incident that happened years ago.

Also, I only used one account. I disabled it after I PM'd you. That's how much you know.

You disagree like a coward and yet you have the nerve to call me a coward.

You are a joke vega.
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Sez  +   2561d ago
one more thing. i would be a coward if i disagree without leaving a reason to why i disagree with the person. not because i hit the disagree botton and post my reason why or PM'ed them then blocked them soon after so i don't have to face what they have to say like you do. maybe you should learn that.

but i see you still butthurt because i called you out for what you are. deal with it. it's not like what i said wasn't true. and the many people that commented on the fact that you've done the same to them proves what i said.
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karlostomy  +   2560d ago
hey vega!

Yeah i like that:
"maybe sony should make electronic toliets. cause they keep spinning sh!t. "

Only problem is, they have already made one... It's called Juuken/Ultimolu.
PixlSheX  +   2561d ago
Trollimite  +   2561d ago
Maddens Raiders  +   2561d ago
Sony recalling lapper batteries? -
is it 2006 all over again??? lol

(somebody wishes it
kwicksandz  +   2560d ago
Osama needs to stop looking for nukes and bioweapons and go down to the sony store and pick up a bunch of their off the shelf battery bombs. Seriously isnt this like the 5th recall of these things?
Maddens Raiders  +   2560d ago
A -
nuke compared to a battery? hmm..what kind of console owner would put forth such a silly notion? oh nvmd. 8D
Biphter  +   2560d ago
Still the same old batch
from 2004/2005. Its not a NEW fu*k up, just another recall from the same batch that affected Sony in the mass recall in 2006 (that was around 10 million batts).
Gamingisfornerds  +   2561d ago
Hope this won't happen to my Vaio!
Loving my Vaio, great piece of hardware! Fantastic design as well, pretty much like any of Sony's products: Class! :)
L Ronald Hubbard  +   2561d ago
Glad they did something like this. A solution that Microsoft would have never had done with any of their products.

Below: Yeah, you're right. At least they recall it. Something like Microsoft wouldn't do.
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jack who  +   2561d ago
yup they recall it.....than a year later it happens again and than another recall a year later it happens again and than another recall a year later it happens again
rucky  +   2561d ago
As opposed to not fixing it at all?

@ below: Speaking of three years in a row

oh and the now...
#6.2 (Edited 2561d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
jack who  +   2561d ago
recalling sumthing to fix a problem with it for 3 YEARS IN A ROW = ?

so by the edit you proof you have no answer to the ?
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L Ronald Hubbard  +   2561d ago
Yep fixing it with no warranty required and doing the consumers a favor. Something like Microsoft wouldn't do.

Oh you're out of bubbles. :p

I'm sorry, edit your post again. I don't speak retard.

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shadow-sentinel  +   2561d ago
Bahahaha 2006. Try again Patchy.
PotNoodle  +   2561d ago
"recalling sumthing to fix a problem with it for 3 YEARS IN A ROW = ? "

Better than leaving consumers with broken hardware for 3 years!
tatsujin  +   2561d ago
needs to stop making batteries. its killing their business.
killzone2flop  +   2561d ago
Again...when will Sony realize and take notice of the seriousness when someone looses their life or property. Someone needs to sue their ass until they've made bankrupt.
Gaara_724  +   2561d ago
it says they only lost minor things but last i heard wasnt the 360 burning down houses and carivans hell maybe i should take youre advise and sue ms for there dogie products

edit when i replyed to you less than a minute ago you had one bubble now you have 3 how many acounts do you have you sad pathetic loser

@6.2 THATS WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT (dam caps) some people must like shoting them self in the foot likes
#8.1 (Edited 2561d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
rucky  +   2561d ago
#8.2 (Edited 2561d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
WhittO  +   2561d ago
Lol havent they done this like 5 times?

You'd think after the first time they would check their batteries !
Return Of The Bad Gu  +   2561d ago
Arizona baby yeah!
LordDhampire  +   2561d ago
Omg ...>.> I do not trust sony and batteries they always do this
Bathyj  +   2561d ago
How did I know the bots would jump all over this?

Yeah, its bad. It seems a problem that happen long ago is still causing problems. its not good. But at least when they make something sh*t they recall it.

"recalling sumthing (nice spelling) to fix a problem with it for 3 YEARS IN A ROW = ? "

Um how long has RRoD been in our vocabulary now? And still it goes on. You even have new breakdowns, E78 or something like that. And just how many rebuilds has XB had, I cant even remember all the names. Valhala was the funniest, a viking funeral, or the pheonix that was supposed to rise fro its own ashes. Where's the recall for that?

And since maths, or thinking in general doesn't appear to be your strong point, 40 instances out of 100K batteries is 0.04%. Thats not even enough to get done for DWI.
Sez  +   2561d ago
yeah 100k doesn't sound like much. but if you read the whole article you would see that there was 10 million recalled in 06.

"Sony said the defect appeared to have been caused by a problem with a production line during October 2004 and June 2005.

In 2006 Sony was hit by recalls of almost 10 million of its batteries for laptop computers because of fears they could catch fire, burning a deep hole in the Japanese giant's profits"

so that 0.04% is much higher. :)


well i had my 360 going on four years. and it's a launch system.and i still have had a problem with it. i couldn't say the same for any of my luanch ps1 or ps2. since they both broke down on me.(well maybe not the ps1 which had disk read errors and the lid wouldn't stay down)

and i guess we could say the same thing for the sonyfanboys. that constantly keep trolling 360 news. are you buthurt because this make sony look bad. i mean as a hardware company they should know better. and since 05.doesn't help them with their image. yeah the 360 has problems. i and other wil be the first to admitt it. but turning a blind eye like all sonyfanboys do. is much worse. and the % you gave at 0.04. show that you didn't even read the article. as must (not all sonyfan) do and try to use the 360 problems as your scape goat. when it doesn't have anything to do with this article.
#12.1 (Edited 2561d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
Bathyj  +   2561d ago
Yes, I'm well aware of what happened 3 years ago. My point was it only took 40 defects in this case to trigger the recall. How long would it take to get 40 RRoDs do you think? Do you have a watch? Does it have a second hand?

One another note, I should really apologize for saying the Bots jumped all over this. I shouldn't tar all you guys with the same brush, its not really fair to you.
Having looked closer at the responses, it only 2 or 3 of the most loserly among you, the dregs if you will, trying to drum this into a big deal as if it has anything to do with Playstation.
Probably they are a bit butthurt cos their warrantties ran out. Then again that no excuse, thats only for launch consoles, and whose still got one of those?, it would be like getting that stamp with the airplane printed upside down on it. Anyone whose broke a 6 months or a year later is still covered.

Its funny how Xbots are the only ones that have never had a problem (I assume thats what you meant to say, read your own post again). But it does make sense. It explains why you're the only HAPPY customers cos you've managed to be lucky somehow. I'm on my 3rd, and thats on its way out, my first was broken off of the box on launch night so if anything I have more right to complain about XB than you, who've apparently never had any wrong done by him. And please, drop the PS1, PS2 crap, we all know they had problems too, its ancient history, and it was never 33% and probably not even over 5%.

To please you I read the article again. Yep, still says 100,000 batteries recalled because 40 screwed up. I admit, its been awhile since I left school, but that still adds up to 0.04% to me. Maybe I shouldn't use this Sony calculator, it might be wrong.

And I'm not using Xb as a scapegoat. If you read my post, I didn't come out to attack XB. I responded to Bots attacking Sony, acting like their sh*t doesn't stink.
#12.2 (Edited 2561d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ultimolu  +   2561d ago
Bathyj, don't waste your breath with him. 360 fanboys are so quick to judge Sony and yet they don't question ANYTHING Microsoft does on a daily basis.

EDIT: And if Microsoft screws you over like'll still stick with them, right?

Holding a grudge against a company over something that happened years ago has got to be the most ignorant thing I have ever heard of.

Yeah, I'm looking to upset someone. What you did in the Gamerzone was nothing short of insulting. If I blocked you it was because we had an earlier incident and I got fed up with you. I didn't PM you and then blocked you because you were already blocked.

I can ignore you just as much as you ignore me.

Good riddance.
#12.3 (Edited 2561d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Sez  +   2561d ago
yes i am happy i haven't had any problems wih my 360 or my xbox. but i do feel for the people that has.nor do i dismiss anyone or claim they are lying about having problems with their systems as sonyfanboys do.

just like you i went thru three ps2 which i had to pay $150 dollars each for to get fixed. the third time it got fixed for free becase of a lawsuit. and just like you have a reason to hate sony with their f@ck you pay us attitude last gen. because i was forced to pay it because of the games i owned. yes my warrenty is up for the 360 if it breaks down. but after almost 4year. i wouldn't have a prblem paying or getting a new one.


i stop paying you attention along time ago. you looking for people to upset. so go somewhere. because all you do is contradict yourself. and as i said before your a hypocrite and a lair.


"I can ignore you just as much as you ignore me"

then why are you commenting to anything i have to say. why are you postin to my comment. do you feel some way about what i have to say. i don't track you or stalk you comments (no matter how stupid they are. and yes they are stupid) so be gone.and stop wasting my time.
#12.4 (Edited 2561d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
DJ  +   2561d ago
Sony should just shut down their battery division. Thank god for Macbooks.
Kushan  +   2561d ago
I do believe Macbooks tend to use the same batteries....
DutyCalls  +   2561d ago
Kushan  +   2561d ago
Dare I say it?
Dare I say that all manufacturers are prone to the occasional "gross fcuk up" in the hardware department?
I'd best not, some people might feel I'm threatening their ego.
DutyCalls  +   2561d ago
why recall?
just extend the warranty, seems to do the trick around here
hfaze  +   2560d ago
ROFL!!!! Too true... :-)
Eddie20101  +   2560d ago
At least Sony has the good sense to recall there faulty products.
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   2560d ago
and re-release the same thing again
ACEMANWISE  +   2560d ago
Oh no!!! It's the only antiSony news we could find this year. lol.
thenickel  +   2560d ago
This is tech news not PS3 news so keep your trash in the open zone.
karlostomy  +   2560d ago
Yeah ... this is just plain embarrassing for Sony
Perhaps Sony is using the same business model for batteries, as they are for ps3 firmware update?

first this:
then this:
then this

It all sounds so eerily similar!
if only exploding batteries were as easy to fix as bungled firmware updates, then maybe they wouldn't need to do a battery recall..again... and again... and again!
#18 (Edited 2560d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Magic_The_Celt  +   2560d ago
Not half as embaressing as RRoD was and still is for microsoft

at least the PS3 doesnt have the kind of problems as the 360 does in the hardware department

tell me, what do laptops matter in this console war?
iHEARTboobs  +   2560d ago
Have they been outsourcing to MS?
Tisk, tisk, Sony!

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