NZGamer: Killzone 2 Review

NZGamer writes: "There's much to celebrate in Killzone 2. A solid campaign, an ever-mutating multiplayer and a graphical leap for mankind. It is important however, to understand that underneath the veneer what we have is also very recognizable: this is still a game that includes token 'red barrels'. For all its guts and glory, for all its taxing, gritty fortitude, Killzone 2 adheres too strictly to the rules of its genre to send itself into the stratosphere. What will stand the test of time is its pitch perfect grasp of said genre, its wonderfully taxing, take-no-prisoners assault on your senses and your trigger finger. It is the ultimate conservative First-Person-Shooter, whether it wants to be or not. And this is why it's worth your bucks".

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shingo3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

yeah =')

I <3 kizzoan 2!

GWAVE3574d ago

Another excellent review. Further proof that this game wasn't "nothing but graphics" or "nothing but hype".

Congrats, GG. You delivered. Haters weep.

KillzoneKid3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

R2 -9.2
Gears 1 - 9

so KZ2 >>>>all FPS


oh sorry

I am talking about contemporary games of 2008

Halochampian3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Halo 3 did not get a 9.2 as you said in your comment that you EDITED and then took out completely to try to make me seem like a troll. It got a 9.9 from NZGamer....


and who are you to say that a game is overrated or not? Have you even played Killzone 2?

oh and I love the disagrees I am getting for stating a fact. Real mature fanboys.

Huh3574d ago

halo 3 was overrated so when they gave it 9.9 they meant to give it the upside down 9.9

KillzoneKid3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Had they reviewed halo 3 in 2009 then they would have given it 2/10 for graphics and gameplay

KZ2 has outscored both Gears 2/1 and R2/R1 at NZGAMER

KZ2 has a 95% average at meta which will stay like that or increase as more reviews are in

KZ2>>>>>>&a mp;g t;>>>>entire gaming library of x360

KZ2 has outscored other fps in most reviewers as well Eu portugal/Hobby consolas/gamepro germany . Most eu websites gave KZ2 a higher score than all other fps

Ofcourse there is no need to play halo 3

Others this is halo 3 at 600p

see it and laugh at it

Halochampian3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )


you are pathetic. The graphics are fine in Halo 3. It is the Halo art style that Bungie has stayed true to. They like the colorful world of Halo.

Who cares about graphics anyway, when the gameplay and everything else is a 10.


if you are to make comparison videos, at least make them fair. Also... why is your whole argument over graphics??

KillzoneKid3574d ago

arent u even ashamed to talk about halo 3 at 600p

this is halo 3--haaa

this is KZ2

KZ2 has outscored Halo3/other fps in almost 90% of EU websites

redsquad3574d ago

Stuff this score! I only go by Norwegian sites.... ;)

Nah seriously, it's so cool to see my faith and patience vindicated in the form of such a superb title like Killzone 2.

TheColbertinator3574d ago

Halo Champion is marked as off topic.I have no idea why he started talking on Halo 3

Halochampian3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Look at Killzone Kid... and then tell me how I was the one off topic?


oh I see. he edited his post.

his original said: Halo3- 9.2

That is why I replied correcting him

KillzoneKid3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

well i was just letting him know that KZ2 has scored better than all other FPS at 90% of the european websites

almost 40% of the eu websites termed KZ2 as the best fps ever

KZ2 got 10/10 from a lot of eu reviewers eg Eurogamer spain/Gamereactor sweden which are not counted at meta

However on feb 2nd expect atleast 20 reviewers to give KZ2 a perfect score
KZ2 will get perfect and near perfect scores from all websites excepting a few haters


I didnt want to embarrass you . But you know how bad halo 3 looks against KZ2

KZ2 got better score than halo 3 at maxi consolas/hibby consolas/gamepro germany and countless other eu websites ...soo

also if you rant i will post more halo 3 and kz2 comparison videos to make people laugh at halo 3

u dont want that

Timberland2K93574d ago

this review was well written very well written.

Idiot Xbot stop comparing this to halo that was 3 years ago now. This is Killzone 2. you should be lucky halo came out over 2 years ago because if it came out now Halo would of killed its self. No one cares about that game anymore. We Only play COD Resistance and Gears until this comes out

KillzoneKid3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

yep thats exactly the case

had halo3 came out this year then it would have got 5/10

the bar for everything is higher now

NZGAMER gave R2 -9.2
Gears 2 - 9

KZ2 scored better than them -9.4

KZ2 will get perfect and near perfect scores from all reviewers

@halo 3 at 600p

no one wants to play a garbage game like halo 3

Others this is halo 3

it is a shame to even play an overrated crap looking game like halo 3

COD4 was the KING OF FPS


KZ2 is the king of FPS

ofcourse KZ2 looks way better than any game on x360


90% of the european websites gave KZ2 a better score than Halo3/gears1/gears 2

just to let you know

Ofcourse KZ2> all fps ever made

thats a fact and u have to accept it

@person at the bottom

more halo 3 footage for good laugh

i know it looks worse than most ps2 games

Halochampian3574d ago

you fail to realize that you haven't even played the game. How do you know that this is the best game ever. Crysis is still the best looking game, but it is never mentioned as perfect game.

You can make comparison videos all you want. The problem is, you wont catch the fun of the game. Something that cant be measured by comparison videos.

DutyCalls3574d ago

COD 4 MW was released
that game just make expectations for future FPS very high, anything less gets the hammer.

Halo 3 is good, but not great.
The campaign was okay
the mp is champ
the support is spectacular
the graphics are.... shinny
controls are tight
weapons are okay
story is whatever

Timberland2K93574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

stop while your ahead you can't win here this is not about halo. Halo is not dead but it was 3 years ago. This is Killzone now and its gonna be everything we want it to be. Who the f#c^ cares about crysis this is about KILLZONE 2 NOT CRYSIS and have you seen the graphics of Killzone 2 in person to know that they are not the best.

You complain that the game only has good graphics yet you spend hours trying to say halo's gameplay and Crysis graphics are better.

Get A Life are you 10 years old. You Should be happy a great game is coming out

I've never payed much attension to Halo 3's graphics but it looks like Golden Eye 007 64 Comepared to Killzone 2

BTW Golden Eye was a great game

Halochampian3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

You werent here to see killzonekid's original post.

He stated that Halo 3 scored a 9.2. All I did was correct him and I got flamed.


Halo 3 was a little over 2 years ago. You may not be playing Halo 3, but it is still the most played LIVE game. You say you arent playing halo 3, yet you arent even playing Killzone 2.

But whatever. I am done. This whole site has turned into Killzone 2 nation. When a kid can go around saying KZ2>>>>>>> ;>>>> ALL FPS's, and get agrees, there is something wrong.

Timberland2K93574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

but stop defending halo 3 it was 3 years ago who cares about the score back then. We are doing bigger and better things right now

Killzone Killzone Killzone were not playing halo K?

BTW Do you think the graphics of Killzone 2 Will get old as we play it,
or do you think we will enjoy it every time we play it?

We Don't Care about HALO WHO CARES ABOUT HALO Seriously who cares

Were talking about Killzone Mutta f*kin 2

nix3574d ago

lol.. look at your names. both of you stop it now...

Halochampian, "champian" is spelt like this -> champion.

and ewww..... is that really how Halo3 looks like??? i don't own 360 but man... that's like playing on WII. never knew that was the Halo3 graphics. guys.. i think you all need to upgrade!

i know i know... graphics isn't everything.. or was that sales?

jump out to play beyond. don't worry we'll all be waiting... with open arms. with a gun in one hand and a grenade in another, of course! q:

Sitdown3574d ago

wonder why Killzonekid is always trying to compare KZ 2 to Gears 2/Halo 3. If the two xbox exclusives are so bad, why does he feel the need to post about them....that is like Picasso continuing to judge his artwork against the work of some 2 year old child that is colorblind. It would probably help if his enthusiasm dated back on n4g further than January 2009. Sounds more like a bandwagon fan versus somebody who actually believed in KZ ability to deliver from the get go. is this for bad timing. The demo releases this week.....but I have my licensure exam on every free moment has to be spent studying. Then when the game is released, my anniversary is the day that will be a couple of non gaming days.

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Helghast Slayer3574d ago

Indeed. Now if only i could get the game early somehow *looks around and rubs hands in suspicion*

KillzoneKid3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

Gears 2 9
Gears 1 -9
R2 - 9.2

so KZ2>>>>>all FPS

3574d ago
Spike473574d ago

Killzone 2 meets the hype.

nix3574d ago

it's amazingly written. this is how one should write reviews. you can literally imagine yourself in the place while reading. we've seen enough of reviews but this one is really worth reading.

yeah... the story she(?) says is generic probably because the gameplay/graphics is so good it would have been better if things were little bit out of the box. but then that's woman talking lol... dammit GG why didn't you throw in a love angle there! lol... q:

kudos to the reviewer. we need more reviewers like her(?) than the ones we have who didn't even finish his school.

10/10 to the reviewer for her writing skill!!! q:

redsquad3574d ago

Indeed! If the author is as attactive as she is articulate & intelligent I'd be on a plane to New Zealand like a shot!!!;)

nix3574d ago

lol.. yeah.. and the best thing is she likes games too...!!! q:

and "articulate" that was the word that escaped my mind. anyway.. looks like no one is bothered reading because some war is going on top between halochampian and killzonekid... lol.. what names.