MeriStation: Halo 3: ODST Preview

With over twenty-five million copies sold in its history. The Halo franchise is expanding once again with the release of the strategy game Halo Wars, and Halo 3: ODST. ODST is the first of the Halo titles that does not have Master Chief as the main protagonist.

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Huh3579d ago

nice preview it reafirms my decision not to play this game

hippo243579d ago

Why are you even in this article?

AngryHippo3579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )

....don't feel the need to post in this article or anything 360 related since you are nothing more than a small minded troll.

EDIT @ hippo24, lol, hey fellow hippo, + bubbles for representing the hippo. =0)

hippo243579d ago

Hay, another hippo enthusiast.

bohemian 233579d ago

Huh and his boyfriend post here because they have no news or games to look forward too. Empty promises that go unfulfilled are what they have to look forward too. I laugh at them trying to talk crap about a game that is always in the 1st or 2nd spot on most played games every week and it's been out over a year. Halo 3 sold way more than any ps3 game to date, yet you try to knock it down to the level of Kz2. You are sadly mistaken if you think Kz2 will be half as good as Halo 3. I don't know how you find the time to browse all of the 360 news and ps3 news if you have so many great games to play. Sounds to me like you have nothing to do and probably can't even afford a Ps3. You just got beat to much at halo so you harbor all of this animosity towards it.

GiantEnemyCrab3579d ago

At least when you were Queefy you would keep your lameness in the Open Zone.

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killzone2flop3579d ago

Nice interview although i feel sorry for the droids which must have left them shivering in their pants again.

Shadow Man3579d ago

bu but but killzone an and it graphics and 8hrs of gameplay on a 50gbs blu-ray disc.

Killzowned3579d ago

and has a 95% on metacritic and gamerankings lmao. KILLZOWNED.

Bathyj3579d ago

8hrs? Since when?

The sad thing is you probably convinced yourself thats true just so you can get through the days and then sleep at night.

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Killzonegamer833579d ago

Once killzone 2 comes out, noone is going to give 2 craps about the Halo franchise.. Hell noone gave 2 craps about Halo ever since COD4 came out. Halo is very outdated and overrated, go on youtube and watch killzone 2 videos then go watch Halo 3 videos and there is a HUGE difference.. Infact its almost as a big of a difference as a PSone game to a PS2 game.. disagree all you want but this is FACT

panasonic233579d ago

lol how come every time a fps release for sony it called halo killer and it do the opposite it was suppose to do just like haze,resistance,resistance2.

AngryHippo3579d ago

.....try and post one comment without mentioning that game, I dare you. j/k.

Sorry to disappoint you, but there are a lot of people that play Halo 3 still on a daily basis, it has probably the best community support than any other title out there and still gets regular updates to keep things enjoyable.

Its all well and good saying Killzone 2 is a great game, judging by the reviews its been getting, I would agree. One thing I really cannot stand though is people that feel the need to downplay a rival consoles games to make their own personal favourites appear better in their own minds.

Oh and FYI graphics < game play and story line. (well in my opinion anyway) Each to their own.

hippo243579d ago (Edited 3579d ago )


Halo has been at the top or in second on UU charts ever since release.

"In fact its almost as a big of a difference as a PSone game to a PS2 game.. disagree all you want but this is FACT"

Hmm how can something visual been considered a fact?

Also I would carefully remind you that Crysis is a great looking game and has solid gameplay, but it is in no way the best game ever.
Kindly get off your high horse and save us all the trouble from reading your banter.

Foxgod3579d ago

You wanna make a bet or something ?
Who will sell more, KZ2, which has not proved anything yet, as it aint out yet.

Or Halo, which already made shattering records and proved itself as a franchise.
Killzone aint no franchise yet, you gotta have done more then releasing two games to become such a thing.

GWAVE3579d ago

^^^^ @ Foxgod

Shouldn't we be making a bet about which one scores higher on metacritic, which one has more features, or which one is less glitchy?

I mean, THOSE are the things gamers care about. Sales are what stockholders and fanboys care about. Now, you're not a fanboy, are you?

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Lord Xire3579d ago

Halo3:ODST and KZ2 will be NO match for CoD:MW2


TheColbertinator3579d ago


Infinity Ward will stomp all these pretenders

Killzowned3579d ago

Right, 95% is a pretender. Bye bye dumb dumb.

TheColbertinator3579d ago


IW's next game will get Top 10 on Gamerankings.Of that I am certain

LTC3579d ago

no chance. KZ2 will crush all shooters in 2009 and beyond.

Foxgod3579d ago

First Kz2 will have to reach sales equal to what halo3 did.
If it wont, il laugh in your face.

GWAVE3579d ago

@ Foxgod

So....sales make a good game? Because last time I checked, Wii Fit wasn't the best game ever made, nor is The Sims the best franchise ever made, nor is Pokemon the best RPG ever made.

And despite Halo 3's excellent sales, most gamers would agree that it was fairly disappointing. It wasn't true HD. The textures were bland. The campaign was bland. It was missing several FPS-standard features (such as looking down the iron sights and a "run" button).

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