Jarvis Slacks: Resident Evil 5 Demo Impressions

Jarvis writes:

"I didn't like the Resident Evil 5 Demo. I'm sure this will go over very well with you readers. Half of you don't play games, half of you hate me, and the other half don't speak English. Yes, I know that equals 150%. Think of it this way: I don't like eating sushi. I'm not a fan of sushi. If I had a choice between sushi and a hamburger, I would and have choosen the hamburger. Same thing with Resident Evil. Its gross. Here are some of my thoughts on the demo."

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jaffa_cake3574d ago


I’m with you on the RE5 demo… For some reason I thought I’d be blown away with it, but its still just RE4 with a graphical upgrade and a change in scenery.

As you mentioned, since RE4 was released, Gears 2 and Dead Space have appeared, making the gameplay in RE feel dated. My biggest gripe with the combat is one that I’ve throughout the RE series, which is that you cant move while shooting… and I understand it was a creative decision, but still… Chris Redfield is a hardened, battle-tested operative of whatever organization he’s with, and he doesn’t know how to strafe while firing a gun? When there’s 15 zombies coming at me, I cant even back peddle? Fantastic. The game could still be just as challenging with that ability put into the game, as Dead Space proved especially… So I’m not sold on why they decided to keep that as part of the gameplay.

The visuals didn’t really blow me away as much as the trailers either. Well… scratch that… its more that they’re inconsistent. While the main character models and the explosion effects look amazing, some of the textures in the environments look downright awful… its obvious they decided to cut corners in certain places, but this is another minor complaint anyways as it doesn’t take away from the gameplay.

pushergreen3574d ago (Edited 3574d ago )

no buy for me, there are far better zombie shooters out, as for it being in the horror genere the game does not seem scary at all. Much better titles out there offer the scare factor. The whole game just felt slow and scripted. It should flop but probably won't.

NewZealander3574d ago

yeah i didnt like the slow stand an point gameplay, i mean if zombies are after you you would surely be running and gunning GOW style.

still a good game but that lets it down, ill still pick it up though.