GamerStyle: Halo Wars demo - first look

A lucky member from has access to the Halo Wars demo earlier and posted up their impressions on the demo.
"The title screen had beautiful music that perfectly matched the halo style, depressing and a sign of remembrance to all that die in war. I quickly went to the basic tutorial which dealt with basic movement, construction and camera movement. The controls flowed easily and (I have to say) it was easier to control than most PC RTS games. Animations were awesome and unit voices were perfect and hilarious."

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Huh3576d ago

8/10 i knew it wasnt aaa quality

GWAVE3576d ago

"The controls flowed easily and (I have to say) it was easier to control than most PC RTS games."

I don't care what anyone says. If the above statement is true, that's all I needed to know. Console gamers deserve to enjoy the awesome RTS genre, and even if it's through the Halo franchise (which I don't particularly care for anymore...) then that's awesome.

And the 8/10 was for the demo, not for the full game. The author gave it an 8/10 due to a lack of multiplayer and the brevity of the mission, both which will be addressed in the final build of the game.

AngryHippo3576d ago

Yeah that was my main concern, the controls. I am glad they seem to have been made a priority. + bubbles, even though you are a Sony fan you can appreciate titles on other platforms, that is something missing from this site as of late.

GiantEnemyCrab3576d ago

"All in all the demo gets a 8 / 10. The only place it loses marks is the shortness of it and the lack of a MP in it but its just the demo. I seriously cant wait for the actual game seeing this amazing demo."

Here is the whole quote troll.

Huh3576d ago

i feel bad for ensemble they were great pc developers stupid microsoft they forced them into making a bad game

Foxgod3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

According to the author of this article, the game isnt bad at all.

IaMs123576d ago

And also ensemble was shut down but they said they are opening a new studio with the same people from ensemble, scattered a little bit. And they also said they will still continue to make Age of Empires. But who knows what has changed since then.

Foxgod3576d ago

YEs they reformed, and also states they will have tight relationships with MS, and might do more in the halo universe in the future.

Sounds more like a reorganization happened at ensemble.
Reorganizations do not always continue under the same brand, sometimes they form a new studio as well.

Huh3576d ago

i just realized something halo wars looks like halo 3 with a different camera

Foxgod3576d ago

No dung, sherlock, based on the same universe.
Also, if a rts can look like a shooter, thats quite an accomplishment.

hippo243576d ago

so you just realized that a HALO game has HALO things in it.

Im utterly confused on everything you post

LTC3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Under seige will blow this away.

Foxgod3576d ago

Under siege is a stupid psn title.
Since when can psn and retail be compared ?
Hint, one of them has a budget, the other dont.

cactuschef3576d ago (Edited 3576d ago )

Giving a demo a score is retarded.Wait to review the finished product. This game does look pretty damn cool though.

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The story is too old to be commented.